Shadow's Trading Journal

This is going to be a trading journal that follows the path of a new small account I just recently opened on TD.

This is a small portfolio that I am personally looking to grow larger and eventually turn into one of my larger main portfolios as I transition my accounts away from Webull and Robinhood.

Ending Day of 3/22/22

NIO $21C 3/25 - 3
NIO $22C 3/25 - 2

Established a position in NIO looking to play potentially up to earnings which is on Thursday evening.

NIO is a stock I have personally been long in and established my initial share position back in 2020. It is a stock I have pretty high conviction in even with it being a Chinese EV company.

I will most likely be playing NIO again after earnings leading up to its March delivery numbers.

For reference.

NIO 2022 Monthly Delivery Figures

Jan: 9,652
Feb: 6,131
Mar: Soon

NIO 2021 Delivery Figures

Q1: 20,060
Q2: 21,896
Q3: 24,439
Q4: 25,034

Based on that initial Jan/Feb figures and estimating Mar being at least back to Jan numbers, I would be semi expecting a beat from 2021 Q4 figures which would be a potential positive catalyst to see a mini pop.

For tomorrow, I may look to re-position some if market continues to push. NIO does tend to have days of strong SPY correlation.


NIO having another pretty decent day but I did have a bit of a goof up as I was going back and forth in between WB and TD.

Ended up accidently selling 2x NIO $22C 3/25 which I meant to buy. Ended up selling those at a loss. However, I did end up buying back in at a lower price 2x NIO $22C 3/25 for the same position which I do plan on holding.

Sold 1x NIO $21C 3/25 for a 100% gain ($0.90 buy in $1.80 sell). Then added another 1x NIO $22C 3/25.

I plan on hold these through until tomorrow.

NIO $21C 3/25 - 2
NIO $22C 3/25 - 3

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NIO has earnings AH today and NIO seems to be following SPY pretty heavily today.

Bought 1x NIO $22C 3/25 at .80 and Sold 1x NIO $21C 3/25 at .91

Sold the remaining 3x NIO $22C 3/25 at .92

Also sold my remaining 2x NIO $21C 3/25 at 1.33 and 1.40.

Out of all positions for the day as I need to do some work around the house.

Actually did a few more trades and grabbed a yolo call. 1x NIO $24C 3/25 at 0.42. Most likely a dud.

Been semi busy lately with work and have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for opportunities I feel a bit more comfortable with.

Did a few quick trades this morning.

Played NIO in the morning based off their price upgrades from various different analysts.

Also played JMIA in the morning based of their news catalyst of their partnership with UPS.

Been mostly out of the market and biding my time.

Sometimes over-trading or trading when bored/not comfortable leads you to make not so sound decisions.

After a mostly a quiet 2 week, decided to hop back into some big earnings plays.

Played NFLX puts heavily today going in and out. My challenge acct has recovered nicely and with a pretty solid win today I’ll probably stay out of trading.

Looking into perhaps playing EVs (XPEV/LI/NIO) tomorrow based on TSLA having its earnings AH and seeing what direction it takes.

A very small gamble on a few tickers atm.

Corsair (CRSR) has earnings reporting next week on 5/5/22. They did get hit pretty hard based on their preliminary earnings results but listening to their previous earnings call, they were factoring in that they would do increasingly well Q1 and onwards for 2022.

However, the most recent PR does seem to tone that down a bit.

I am factoring in this with another small albeit correlated news of EKWB. For those who don’t know EKWB is a company that produces cooling solutions for computer parts (CPU/GPU items whether thats AIO, Custom Loops, Waterblocks, etc… ). EKWB recently announced that they would be cutting staff by 25% as they are not getting the sales volume that they had come to expect.

While GPUs are becoming alot more available and while prices are coming down, people are not spending as much into such solutions as expected and they have to cut back severely.

So people are not spending as much on other additional parts/accessories like before and we know Corsair produces all sorts of parts/accessories from fans, aios, keyboards, headsets, streaming gear, etc…

I think that similar to EK, Corsair will continue to be hit as in their previous ER they stated that lack of GPUs was a big contributing factor to folks not building new pcs/buying their products.

Robinhood (HOOD) I think that they will continue to bleed customers. While they made some progress on some of the points they would work on their previous earnings such as extended hours, crypto wallet, etc… I think that with the still big downturn in crypto which was a significant portion of their revenue and obviously the overall markets not doing so hot I think that the big growth of “meme like” investors will not return to the platform. They also have earnings upcoming soon.

So puts on those two tickers while the NIO call was just a shoot in the dark hoping that it would bounce a decent bit with their vehicle production figures coming out soon along with their milestone of vehicles produced and some news about their new vehicle.

I’m curious what your thoughts are on MAIN. I have MAIN on my watch list for other reasons than trading, I have just never seen anyone play or mention it before

I have MAIN is in one of my long term ports just for the monthly dividends. Gives out roughly 6% annual which isn’t crazy but for a long port that doesn’t fluctuate too much I thought it was a solid choice. It has been a pretty solid one for the past 9 yrs.

Options wise was just purely a random gamble.

This doesn’t tank too much based on any of the major indices and is relatively stable. My specific strike was probably too far out but thought that given a few months, it would recover. Looking at the daily and at RSI, it didnt seem to stay under 40 for too long and would rebound so my thought was it would recover enough for me to at least break even in worst case.

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Very nice, yea their dividends are great, and their team is killer. They are in my long term watchlist right now

Can’t be too focused on watching tickers and will have to pop in and out so decided to take profit on my positions.

Took profits on CRSR and will look to re-enter on a potential pop. HOOD was a good play for me.

Also been scalping AMD puts. After the FOMC meeting I will look to probably enter a longer term AMD put position. I am just not bullish on AMD. Also will need to factor in how the INTC call goes.

Pretty decent day today. Stuck to trading basically just AMD FDs. I did take one gamble HOOD $9 put for next week.

Played AMD puts again and got out with some profits. Didn’t think SPY would move this far down so left some profits on the table but I’m happy with the few quick trades.

Been playing AMD puts everyday this whole week and its been decently profitable. Today was probably one of the better days of the week.

Playing a few gamble CRSR puts still. Slowly averaged down on my position from the beginning of the week.

Been slowly using this account on and off to better myself with playing with SPY/AMD in the past few weeks.


Its been honestly pretty fun to switch trading styles up for a bit. Continuing to use my larger port for earnings and then using this port when time allows to get better with really quick in and out scalps.

With this pure cash account, looking to see if I can continue to avg $50 or more per day for the next 2 weeks. Then slowly increase that amount every other month or so.