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Description of why you are requesting DD: SLGG recently acquired Bloxbiz, an in-game ad platform that enables brands to advertise across popular Roblox games. with the recent earning from RBLX it seems worth looking into. Their existing ability to create digital advertising in roblox games can be an asset with all the metaverse hype.
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They just announced today that they have an agreement for a spotlight series that will play in over 2,000 movie theaters, giving exposure to their brand.

ā€œ Super League Gaming (Nasdaq: SLGG), a global leader in video game experiences and entertainment at the intersection of the creator economy, gameplay content, and the metaverse, and Screenvision Media , a national leader in cinema and premium video advertising, announced today the launch Super League Spotlight , an exciting multi-episode series showcasing the best in-game action, created specifically for in-theater audiences. The first installment of the series launches today in over 2000 movie theaters nationwide.

They already announced that they will report negative earnings and their price per share has risen by 19% this week, so Iā€™m assuming that the expectation of lower earnings is already priced in.

The stock had a run up in April on rumors of a GME acquisition but it never happened.

Earnings will be released after market close on November 15th.

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Looks good. Although the announcement was released at 8 am today do you think it might already be priced in as well? I see it shot up at around 8-10 and then just traded somewhat sideways the rest of the day.