Small green candles and big red knives

hey, all! i posted my first callout on CPNG and have been watching it for the past month or so. i’ve been noticing on 1 min charts that there are big spikes of volume selling and most of the buy volume is in small increments or spread out throughout the day.

my questions are:

  1. are these large sell orders being filled?

  2. could this be sign of insiders selling shares?

my strike is at 32.50 and it seems there is a lot of OI at 30.00c so meeting a lot of resistance . there is also a lot of OI at 27.50p. could this also be an explanation for these spikes? i’d be grateful for any input

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1 - Volume is based on confirmed trades, so if the volume is high, it means the orders where filled.
2 - You can check insider trades here (the data is real-time but up to date enough for your timeframe).

Generally, OI doesn’t reflect in spikes, unless you see an equivalent volume on the option chain as the stock volume.

I hope I understood your questions correctly.


thank you! thank you! thank you!