SNDL (Weed stock, catalyst/reversal)

Description of why you are requesting DD: <This stock has been on a down spiral over the past several months, today they announced a share repurchase program as well as reported forward looking earnings, shares went up 30% in after hours. Now, the Cannabis Bill is going to be discussed on Monday, short interest is 15%>
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Media Kit & Press Conference Information | Representative Nancy Mace
Sundial Announces Share Repurchase Program


worth mentioning that sndl has a cult following and possible meme potential. OI chain is mega jacked as well p/c ratio is around 0.05. Lot of bag holders though from previous pumps so be careful.

Share buyback begins nov 19 21’ and expires nov 19 22’ around 5% of the float

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I have 222 shares @1.50 but I got those for free off RH. Would buy more but Idk jack about weed stocks.

Curious how you received 222 shares from RH? Did you reinvest the money you received from other stocks? @NinjaNorth

It was some promo where if you deposited x amount of money with RH you get x amount of free stocks/money.

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closed my calls near open, think this is it

this is one of those ones I just avoid by default - I think it just creates more and more bag holders.

I’ve lost plenty of money betting on sndl. It’s better for scalping and short term bets, anything past that and it’s too unreliable.

Does anyone seeing this run on marijuana companies running into next week? this feels like a run up into monday on the passing of the infrastructure bill then dump after, sell the news type runup.

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I looked on Reddit yesterday and this appears to be a new pumper, also looks like the ZachMorris crowd is going to play / pump it…

If you want to hop in on the fun, do short scalps otherwise you will likely get burned.

Warning: Meme Stock. Penny Stock. Weed Stock. Ridiculous float. Multiple dilutions.

New here and learning so I apologize in advance if this is something that isn’t worth looking at. I also am completely new to options just having bought my first ESSC options. Originally I thought the options were something to look at but I was wrong. I still think this is something to look at this year due to all of the changes that Sundial has made from the 2nd half of 2021 to the present.

Supposedly they will announce the finalizing of the Alcanna acquisition on Tuesday (01/18) as well as a new IPO for their Sunstream Financing Company. Other catalysts/news are a share buyback and sentiment that the price will follow price action last February before all of the dilutions. There is also confusion and/or hopium based on the fact that this stock is 10 days from its 10 day Nasdaq delisting countdown and there hasn’t been news yet on an extension request or reverse split.

Ah I’m a noob and didn’t know how to read a chart lol. I removed it.

Sundial’s Alcanna Acquisition was completed as of 01/18/2020.

Alcanna Inc. Receives Final Court Order Approving Proposed Plan of Arrangement with Sundial Growers Inc.

Edit Update: This had absolutely no positive effect on price. Also, no announcements from SNDL on anything. Options expiring this week and price hitting 52 week low. No news of delisting extension so a reverse split is imminent.