Specific question to stock ( BLPH )

Hi, not sure if questions to stocks one personally holds are ok in this forum, if not pls just delete this thread.
Im an unexperienced trader, just started with stocks in february 2021 and did the usual errors beginners do :frowning:
Now i hold a bigger bag of BLPH i purchased in spring 2021…followed the recommendation of a guy on discord and didn`t do my research before.
My average is 4,85 $ and im unsure how to best get out of this stock. Stock price did another dump to 3.55 $ yesterday. If its worth to invest more money in, i could do some DCA today and lower my average to appr. 4,10- 4,20 $.
But i really cant estimate atm how the stock / company is developing short to mid term.
So if anybody can give me some advice on this one, i would be very grateful.

THX in advance

Definitely don’t buy more.
Do you still have the discord guy’s reasoning on why the price should go higher?

I don’t specifically remember hearing anything about this particular stock. Taking a quick look at the news, the most recent thing is a CFO resignation upcoming. Unless there is some sort of significant catalyst that I’m missing this doesn’t look to be a very bullish ticker.

Thanks you guys for your quick reply. Catalyst shall be the Phase 2 Sarc study in 2021.
Have also read that the CEO ( Fabian ) is leaving the company, which might have done quite a bad job in terms of communications to investors…but this might be rumours.

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I’m not an expert on Pharma plays, but I would imagine the CFO & CEO leaving just before study data is set to be released is likely not a great sign.

@Raiben take a look if you’re interested.

I think I’m with conq on this one, approval plays are super risky and aeeing two people at the top end leave like that worries me. I will do some digging in the trials etc but just from that, I’d take profit if I had it. But as I said, I’ll look into the drug over the next couple hours.