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Spy update, not looking to hot right now. On the 1H chart we are testing the bottom Bollinger now, which could be bullish, if trends repeat, the last time SPY made contact with the bottom Bollinger there was a massive break to the upside, spy is now in a popular Buying area hoping to see a reversal tomorrow, if not then id like you to shift your focus to the 4h chart, here you can see we are approaching the mid BOL, contact with the Mid Bol on the 4h timeframe has resulted in incredibly bullish movement after, strong buys seem to come around this area. Im hoping this is the end of our dip and tomorrow is a lot greener than these past 2 days… if not and spy breaks through mid bol the next level of support is around 465 which HOPEFULLY is the true bottom to this pullback, make smart plays and godspeed gentlemen


SPY chat is back! great work

11/22 471 spy calls , any thoughts?


I like the analysis. Hopefully you’re correct and we get some good bullish momentum tomorrow.

If spy is going back to its old trend pattern don’t expect this dip to be over until spy hits 463…. Thats the next support level for the original trend line

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As we enter into the weekend after this crazy week for spy, it seems like spy has entered a new trend channel and im expecting a pullback to 455ish before the next leg up. Will keep an eye on monday for sure to see if any good entries for calls are available

Thx for the post/analysis
I will be loading on 60DTE ITM calls at 455 and 450.
If support cannot hold, will be looking for re-entry at 440, 435

Spy update. If spy is tracking the same way as last week i expect a pullback to the 468 level before legging up fo ATHS of around 475

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