STBX another Asian IPO with a lot of hype behind it

Ticker: STBX
Description of why you are requesting DD: Large sentiment building for IPO next week
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Couple of things, IPO has been moved up to the 23rd instead of the 24th. It’s Malaysian and not Chinese, however it’s the same underwriter as MEGL. Pre order hit Webull on Friday and totally sold out. IPO price is $4-$5 but with the hype building and pre order sellout, it’ll probably be much higher when it hits public like MEGL. My personal intention, try to snatch as much as possible the second it hits public, and then scalp same day. I do not intend to hold this longer than one day at most, with an early sell in pre market the next day as the longest I potentially hold. I wouldn’t take it to open the next day.


I have this on my watchlist for Tuesday. If this can run like GCT. RH closed pre-orders because I can’t see it in their upcoming IPO list.


Probably if you put an order of 25-50% above $4-5


I’ll play! Put in a limit order for a handful of shares for $7 for open. Let’s see what happens. :pepepray:


I’m seeing in a couple places online that the public debut is tomorrow, August 24, 2022

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It got moved up from the 24th to the 23rd. So there’s articles out there with it still being the 24th. Webull shows in listing that it is today

Thanks for the clarification (and I should’ve probably read your opening post a little more closely…because you actually already pointed that out, my bad!)

Just want to reiterate that this is a HIGH RISK play. MEGL was valued the same IPO price and here is what happened:

Hit the market at around 10:45am at $50 and immediately halted.

Unhalted and immediately jumped to $97 and into another halt.

Unhalted and dropped to hard and got a halt on the way down.

Unhalted and moved back up into halt.

This went back and forth until early afternoon where it was halted for the final hours until close. AH it went close to $200 with the expected sell off the next morning.

All these halts make adding or selling your position extremely difficult. Setting limits during halts don’t always have the time they need either. So play with something you can stand to lose and be quick.


Getting caught up in the hype now…, but only have an order set for 5 shares at $10. Won’t chase.

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is there a set time for the stock to hit the public markets?

I think 10:30 no?

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Anytime really. I saw someone mention 10:45am. But it can be totally random. COIN hit at 11:37am.

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Just opened at 29.70 and halted immediately looks like.

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Gonna be a lot of halts today. Probably both directions.

This play seems to be dead. I guess these IPOs only moon when China has there hand in the cookie jar.

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