$SYK - Shit aint in the sky no more. Ultimate put play

This is the next target by Spruce Point Capital which has a history of doing research and investigation into companies then later exposing them and the companies share prices decrease drastically over the coming weeks to months.

They will be officially releasing more information on this around 10am EST on yahoo. WIll be something to watch and see how it plays out. Below I have attached links to the tweets with information they have been saying this morning.



Also to add, I dont know if this is their actually target or not but i will be watching and seeing what is said and will update you with this thread either being god like or complete shit

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Lol this is utter garbage. Stryker revolutionized the playing field after they acquired MAKO robotics. They’ve been selling 2-3 robotic arms per month and have the largest market share in the world.

With their recent acquisition of Orthosensor in 2021 MAKO sales are going to increase through the roof.

Edit: their DD not you :slight_smile:

That may be so (I literally know nothing about the company) but these “Sell Opinion” articles, or whatever they’re called, tend to drop the company’s share price upon release so it may be possible to scalp intraday with puts for quick profits.

well my friends you can go to this and their research and then download the 195 page pdf with their extensive investigation into this company.


i recommend reading the article and looking at some of the information on their extensive investigation that is 195 page pdf of pure information and numbers all that good stuff. reading the bulk numbers that normal people care about, it actually makes sense to why they are heavily over valued with sketch shit going on.
this is not financial advisor and I am not a finacial advisor


They live on yahoo rn talking and the Ben mf leader dude of Spruce Point is exposing and explaining all the numbers and what they mean. I personally have no idea what he is saying but am listening and will keep u guys updated. I am for the people of Valhalla


Supply chain is so messed up and we’re ill prepared for the pandemic with faked accounting numbers to skew investors following the pandemic dip since they were ill prepared for the rebound due to lack of facilities and shipping things. A lot more numbers and stuff too

Heavily institutionally owned stock that is that way because it’s heavily defensive but that is a thing of the past. Management and leaders have been selling shares. They are hitting Harvard business school to hold them accountable because they are big into this with Stryker and believe they need to publicly address the wrong doings and lying being done. Ben and Yahoo finance both reached out to the management team and the CEO of Stryker to come on the show and talk and they were both left on read and ignored.


According to Spruce Point capital these are some of the basic numbers.
$118 billion company with $16.4 billion of debt and just $1.5 billion of unrestricted cash

We believe Stryker left investors flat-footed when the pandemic hit by not warning investors that its true exposure to elective procedures was 50% of sales. Things got so bad for Stryker, that we find evidence it went delinquent on paying property taxes at its global headquarters. We believe Omicron and global world war fears have delayed Stryker’s recovery

Our research shows that Stryker has long suffered from inventory management issues, and has never made good on promises to rationalize its operational and global manufacturing footprint. Furthermore, its promise to complete a critical ERP project to unify over 40 systems failed miserably, was impaired, and has been a sunk cost to investors for over $500 million

along with operating costs heavily increasing with their revenue not being that crazy for such a high valued company it makes sense for the reason of the manipulation and lies.


Disclaimer Once Again
this is not financial advisor and I am not a fiancal advisor, invest at ur own risk and this is not my wording this is just my thoughts gathered

This is as of 10:30am est. it’s down like 3.5% ish but could be spy correlated. This ain’t no insta death of the stock it would be over weeks - months so boomer leaps on puts or whatever considering that’s the timeline of what happens to companies spruce point calls out. I will keep and eye on it over time.


Now this could be the ultimate gigabrain reverse pumper group aka the dumpers but the numbers align and their past research all make sense.

For clarity or whatever the word is
Past callouts on companies
Nuvei (NVEI) was trading around 110ish and fell down to around 60 but idk what goes on with that thing.
OATLY (OTLY) was trading in the 20s and is now sub $5 a share
LIGHTSPEED (LSPD) was in the 100s and is now sub $30 a share
MAGNITE (MGNi) is down a shit ton around $12 per share following Spruce Point research released


they have earnings on 4/28 however doing some more digging I am finding that last year insiders sold 42 million worth of stock. The largest of the sells was by Ronda Stryker who is the granddaughter of Homer Stryker who is the founder of the medical company. She sold roughly 39 million worth at a share price around 262 dollars per share. But apparently that only accounts for 0.7% of her stake but since last year no other insiders transactions have been documented.

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Stryker also was related to TSO3 which in 2017 was called out by Spruce point and then fell 84% in share price. They later bought and acquired TSO3 which was a shit company.
TSO3 was a poorly promoted Canadian health care company with limited product value. They lied about financial numbers. Promoted a partnership with Getinge that ended up failing.

In January of 2018 TSO3 released statements about the company which aligned with exactly what Spruce Point had called them out on.


okay i done for now. need to recharge my brain power. read the bulk main parts of the 195 page pdf they released. if anyone is interested in reading this then heres the link, just click on link and download the power point pdf.
again this wont be an overnight thing but will be a bleed over the coming weeks-months if it follows the same path all the previous short callouts by spruce point. boomer leap puts would be the play I guess. They have given it a 35%-75% predicted drop off based on their research.


If you’re bearish on this. Current level may be worth buying into. Just reached yesterday’s low, likely gap-filling from the news. There does however seem to be some continued uncertainty on if the analysis is valid enough reason to see this stock see a large sell.

Appreciate it

Nah I ain’t lookin to trade it lmao. I’m not trading right now just figured I’d toss that shut up incase something comes of it so y’all can make some bread off it.

Thanks for this thread. Just unloaded a June put I got April 6th for +50%.

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Seen this post, had to take a bathroom break at work. That’s good stuff outta you. Congrats

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