SYTA- Swing pump trade following penny stock hype

Making this because I think following TRKA and NVOS move up sentiment for SYTA is building up. Not playing this off of fundamentals and only based on Sentiment, Increasing volume and a bottomed out chart. Big thing for me is it’s not correlated to SPYs movement right now.

I’ve scalped this a few times for 10-12% over the last few months but now I think the chart looks right for a higher move up to fill some gaps. PR has mostly been positive ever since they diluted a couple months back and SI on the stock is lower than it was before.

I’m looking for a 20-60% move on this by holding for a week or 2 as it continues to set higher lows and increasing volume.

Position right now is 25k shares at .20


Not sure if anyone followed me in this trade, I closed my position for a 30% gain on a full port move. Wasnt expecting it to move this much already so looking for pullback and re entry tomorrow or day after