T-minus 3 days to launch RKLB

Monday 28 February, at approximately 3:35pm Eastern time, RKLB is conducting their next launch. It will be followed by earnings after the bell. While their last earnings in November was followed by a strong fall in price, I think that due to several acquisitions since then, a successful launch, and I’m hopeful for an increase in FY outlook due to their streamlining, I am betting on RKLB to go to the moon! Metaphorically, at least; I think RKLB is undervalued and agree with most analyst’s estimates in the $18+ share price. I’m picking up calls today and holding through Tuesday morning.

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If anyone on the trading floor sees this notification: you might actually want to take a look. Time is of the essence on this one whether you decide to hop in, just watch, or neither.

Great starting write-up @deezy. Thank you for making this thread where I would’ve otherwise missed out on the catalyst that is possibly an ASTR with a better track record, more experience, more successful launches, and more trusted partnerships. I’m not particularly good at writing DD, but here is what I got.

Here is a brief Ticker Overview comparing RKLB vs. ASTR in that particular order.

  1. Float: 90.25M vs. 116.56M (this might contribute to volatility on the upside if the launch does well)

  2. Market Cap: $4.24B vs. $862M

Here is my comparative take on the companies and why the Monday (Feb 28.) launch catalyst could have an outcome that is far different from ASTR.

The RKLB experience and prestige is superior to that of ASTR

  • ASTR has yet to deploy its first satellite to space whereas RKLB has successfully launched 109 of them in commercial, civil, defense, and academic sectors.
  • RKLB’s partnerships outnumber ASTR and they include NASA, Lockheed Martin (LMT), Canon, USAF, Planet, US NRO, Blacksky, Spaceflight, Darpa, Spire, and more.
  • RKLB’s success is owed to its innovative Electron rocket and Photon spacecraft designs that allow affordable, efficient, and reusable launch units for its customers

Keeping this comment short and simple. You get the gist; the RKLB website already speaks volumes (https://www.rocketlabusa.com/). I recommend you to check it out, they have a list of all the successful missions…and I won’t miss out on the opportunity to possibly profit on the next one. However, I do know anything can go wrong at any moment. Postponements are quite typical in these scenarios as well. I hope to see some of you on the next mission and live stream if available.

May RKLB fulfill what ASTR couldn’t and make some of us rich in the process :pepepray:

My plan is to get 11c and 12c with profits from RSX puts.


Rocketlab is legit and has a strong track record of launching into different orbits. Their complex in New Zealand allows them launch into difficult orbits making them a desirable company for gov and civ. I’m not sure how a successful launch would affect their price but there shouldn’t be a worry about a rocket failure with them.

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Didn’t realize earnings was Monday. I expect good guidance.


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T-minus 30 minutes to RKLB rocket launch. Let’s get our minds off Russia for a bit shall we?

Livestream link: Live Stream | Rocket Lab


We fucking did it boys. Just waiting for news and price to react accordingly. The rocket launch was successful. I’m holding until morning. Here are positions for transparency.


Decent spike after earnings in AH but seems to have settled right around where close was. Tomorrow morning should be interesting at open, assuming SPY stays positive I’m hoping it goes back up above $10 since most of the earnings reports were beats.

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Perhaps someone smarter than myself can figure out why we are seeing a lack of positive movement after yesterday’s launch and overall positive earnings.

Stifel raised (by just $1) their PT.


I took a gamble position with 12C expiring 03/18 after the launch yesterday, but this seems to be a ticker worth exploring swing/medium term opportunities on.

I’m not quite sure. Given that they have a 3rd launch pad now, 2 at the New Zealand site, and just agreed to build a 4th to pair up with the Virginia site, their frequency of launches should ostensibly be able to double in the near future. Additionally they’ve got new contracts from Q4 to add future value. I believe they’re poised to be a great company but I do find it surprising the stock is still below $10, especially given that the analysts whose job it is to rate these companies all seem to predict significant upsides. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get at least some positive momentum this morning, but worst case in my opinion this is a stock worth going long on with shares or possibly leaps.

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Given that we didn’t get the movement we wanted after hours and premarket after an outstanding earnings beat, guidance, multi-year million dollar contract, on top of a successful launch and new launch pad acquisition (a lot of positives in one week I know!:man_facepalming:t5:). I will cut my shares, but hold the few calls to ride. The reason I’m doing this is to have more liquidity for my $500 → $1M challenge. It’s beyond me why such a successful company lacks in volume.