TAP/Molson Coors - Earnings pop to continue, or TAPped out?

TAP is running on a pretty nice earnings pop today, and the chart (kinda) double topped. There is some consolidation happening now, could run up a bit more, but I’m looking at March 50p currently. IV is surprisingly low, any thoughts on this one?

Took a 3/18 50p on this bounce back above $51. Hopefully it fails testing $51.15 again and drops back down, I want to see some profit taking from those that bought the dip to $48 today. Good luck to anyone who decides to join

Closed the put when TAP hit 48.59 for $2.60, or 75% profit, congrats to anyone else who jumped in!

That’s about it for this play, calls might not be a terrible idea at this level, but I haven’t been researching any bull cases, that’s purely off chart TA.

Archiving this now, bud. Glad you caught this one!