TASK - Possible options play for IPO share unlock on 12/08/2021

TaskUs, Inc. provides outsourcing services to Internet companies worldwide. It offers digital customer experience that consists of omni-channel customer care services primarily delivered through digital channels; and other solutions, including customer care services for new product or market launches, trust and safety solutions, and customer acquisition solutions.

TaskUs (TASK) had their IPO this year on 06/11 at a price of $23. Current share price is $42.85. TaskUs has been consistent “buy” ratings from analysts with a PT of around $50.

On 12/08, TaskUs will have 13.2 million shares reaching their lockup expiration. I’m getting conflicting reports though on the current shares outstanding and free float. Webull is reporting 97.29 million shares outstanding with a free float of 27.17 million. Finviz is reporting 92.96 million shares outstanding with a free float of 15.03 million. MarketBeat reports an institutional ownership of 20.9%, Finviz reports institutional ownership at 54.6%, and Yahoo Finance has it at 64.6% institutional ownership.

Monthly options are available and the OI on Dec $50c is pretty decent, with the next largest amount of OI being on Dec $35p. This one could be a mover tomorrow and one worth keeping an eye on.

I do not currently have any positions. This is not financial advice. Please do your own research.

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$50c on this are up nicely today, but volume is abysmal. With these shares unlocking today, I expect to see some continued upwards movement and higher volume for the rest of the week.

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Hoping some others made out decently on this play. Since the IPO share unlock, TASK has climbed nicely over the last 10 days up to $49.75 at one point. $50 Dec and Jan calls turned out to be a decent profit on this.

Still on this play currently. Since posting this DD with their IPO share unlock on 12/08, TASK has climbed from $43 to $55 currently. $50 calls for Jan panned out decently, and from here probably plan on picking up a $50 put to ride what looks to be a pullback incoming.

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