Teach me how to Dougie… I mean do DD

@Navi said he’d be up for teaching how to do DD and asked me to produce some tickers I am interested in. There’s a brief explanation for each, ranging from intriguing to retarded. I’m not really sure how to even start DD but I figured as a follow along write up I would keep it simple and leave it here with a few options so we can start off from the very beginning or even back a few steps XD.

PENN- gambling is a huge industry that is in the midst of a revolution via online gambling. My personal pick for a long term winner here is PENN, primarily based around promotional acquisition. Everywhere you look are giant names shoving ads down your throat and mega deals like Pat Mcafee’s 120 million dollar FanDuel deal that he is now exiting. Meanwhile Penn acquired the entirety of Barstool Sports at the beginning of this bubble who kind of set the price for that, but as with all things a few years later it seems like they could have been worth way more. Instead of just buying one show or name to promote they have a huge foundation pushing it now and growing things for the long term, and they aren’t afraid to take control (see Ben Mintz firing) from Dave Portnoy.

WU- Western Union has been around for forever. I know with the digital age there is an argument that they are gonna be phased out by better solutions for money transferring, but sometimes things just stick around and I think that could be them. They also have a 7.66% dividend so if they do stick around that is what really interests me

BB- Okay so BlackBerry is how I found out about options and WSB and eventually Valhalla… so I have a soft spot for it haha

SOFI- Honestly I’ve just seen a lot of people in Valhalla talk up SoFi Technologies long term and I have decided to join in, so I am interested in them.

DIS- Disney is a blue blood American company that I have a lot of nostalgia for. I think they’ve always looked to try and capitalize on new trends and have good long term potential

MVIS- Microvision is another random one I found in WSB or a sister subreddit, I’m not sure I’ve just always kept that ticker up and am interested in it.

MSM- I used to work for MSC Industrial Supply, both a few years in a Distribution Center and out on direct accounts. Main competitors are Grainger and Fastenal, things I saw while working there felt like MSC had good long term prospects compared to the others and I’m always keeping an eye on them.

NVDA- Nvidia is always a hot ticker to watch, I’m sure there are a lot of good reasons to be interested in it but my retarded one for a long time was their former head of marketing was my favorite twitch streamer. He has since left and also had some controversy, but he kept me interested while providing some smarter content (not that that’s a high bar in twitch) of marketing mondays or get smarter saturdays going over marketing or any economic events he found interesting.

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Alright Penn it is. Lmk what your availability looks like in DM and we’ll get this going when we find some time! Thanks for volunteering I’ll be gentle

If you guys are going to do this sort of thing, maybe make an event of it in VC or something? While people are usually shy to volunteer for this sort of thing (thank you <@296419087863513108>), they will definitely listen in if time allows. Going to make VC recording a priority this week as we’re starting to generate a lot of content that is probably in need of saving in some format.


I’m open to that for sure. I love teaching stuff to groups so I’m game of course

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Only caveat is this is likely to be a series of sorts. As good DD isn’t usually completed in one sitting of course.

Yeah I’m cool with that, my schedule is a bit sporadic so I won’t be able to plan ahead too much on my availability. More of a daily here’s when I’ll be done driving, like now for instance

I think doing it in spurts will be the best for actually getting the different pieces out of it for you and the community. I like doing a bit of it every Wed for VC night. Let’s me kinda plan out a “lesson plan” or project steps. You gonna make it tomorrow?

Also what broker do you use? If you could open up an ETrade account that would be great. Don’t have to deposit money. I just like their analysis stuff they have for doing the initial big bulk of the DD to help guide the rest of it

I plan to be but that can change, I normally only have my current delivery to plan out my day. Currently looking to deliver this one in the first half of the day and then it depends on what they send me to go do next, but I try to be in the VCs. I mostly use RH as I don’t trade a ton and like it’s UI, I’ve also used Webull. I’m not tied to any really so I can download setup ETrade if it works well on mobile

I don’t want you trade with E*trade just have access to it

Right, that still will have to be thru mobile

You don’t have a computer?

So for this, I want to make an event out of it that stands on its own. I’m going to figure out the issue with audio on the YouTube stream and we’ll record it with video so it can be shared.

I think this is going to be an important aspect of our push for collaborative DD. So what do we need because we should make sure we’re using tools that are available to most everyone. Or if there is something we can add to the server we can do that.


  1. Let’s make this a special event where we actively do something on stream that shows the process (I understand we may need to make it a series)
  2. Let’s get a list of websites and tools together to make this possible.

Really appreciate you taking the time for this <@151954037544189952>. I know it’s been offered for awhile but I think the community is in the right place to where the timing is right now.

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I 100% agree. This type of DD doesn’t really shine until you look at an ER and say “how the fuck did we miss that.” For example a clear indication of what was to come today and the whole run up to this point, NVIDIA Teams With Microsoft to Build Massive Cloud AI Computer | NVIDIA Newsroom and that’s back in November.

The execution for how to do the “series” or whatever I’m game for anything really. Ultimately, even tho Kasheem has chosen PENN this going to be the typical Navi DD style which may lead us to an entirely different target but that’s the beauty as well. I’ve got a pretty good road map now a days for the phases of the process. Let me try to boil it down into digestible sections so I don’t lose everyone along the way. I’ll get that road map written out over the weekend and see what kinda “episode length” time we’re talking. Also, <@296419087863513108> you’re not going to be truly solo on this so don’t get stage fright here <:kekw:923797443471081503> for example one of the starting things with DD is looking at shit that’s boring like the Annual Shareholders meeting. From that you may hear something (and sometimes nothing which is good in its own way) that makes you want to scour for news that may indicate something. In that type of thing I’d help kind of lead you to look for news bullshit and look myself and we’d come together and see if anything sticks out. But, I do love the idea of just the whole fucking server taking part in something like that as well. Could get messy but that’s Valhalla baby <:pepeseduction:899174836583153706>

Fuck we really should just do AI tho huh…. They got ER coming up <a:dooksteak:1096950215451361311>

I’m okay with that if that’s better for the group

Yeah we say that now and then cry when Penn announces some revolutionary AI gambling game

Only real suggestion I have currently which I was gonna make but Conq beat me to it is that I don’t think we should pair it to VC. Those sessions are already pretty long and hard to get a large group for, pinning this before or after it imo won’t work

I’m about to be going on vacation (back where I lived before going on the road so more of a stay home vacation) so I will have plenty of availability the next week or so

I mean that’s the nice thing on the screen record. We just go on stage and record a screen share and throw it up on YouTube and we hen the forums etc.