The Graph the Google of blockchain (well sort of the nerds google)

[center]The Graph ticker GRT, an exciting name for an equally exciting project (but seriously this is key blockchain infrastructure)[/center]

  1. Essentially, GRT tokens are used to be delegated. Delegated to an indexer for them to carry out a service using the Graph. These indexers receive a fee for the use of their service, which depending on who you choose to delegate to you get x fee for helping them out. Once your delegation is complete you get GRT in return as well. When you choose to delegate some of your GRT is burnt to incentivize you keeping the GRT delegated for the full period.
    At the moment fiat is still being used to pay for GRT use by third parties (ie Uniswap). But soon only GRT will be accepted as payment.
  2. It has no competitors its real weird actually no ones even tried to do a cash grab mimic of it
  3. Basically you can stake the token to create a sub graph and give it a job it grabs info off chain and reports back to you. So blockchain is open data but it’s a Lot of data and organising and identifying what you want is a real bitch and there’s no way of doing it automatically well until the graph that is. Its used by devs all the time and stuff breaks when the sub graphs stops that should be enough for you to realise its VERY important.
  4. As more projects are integrated it means more queries sent to the sub graphs means more organic token buy pressure (non speculative buying) which would be automated. So yeah crypto grows as does GRT.
  5. Its also multi chain so its not tied to Ethereum
  6. All the big names are here as you can see there tonnes of them.
  7. Chainlink partenered with them usually in crypto people bend the knee to LINK make no mistake THEY are using LINK and LINK doesn’t give a fuck about them but the graph and LINK are using each other’s network because its that good.
  8. I could go on but its fairly simple and you can see above theres tonnes of actual Developer level use cases from every big name in the space. It is and will continue to be a key pice of infrastructure in the crypto and blockchain sphere with its role essentially organising collating and sifting through data to give key reports to smart contracts as needed. Also we’ve hit that part in the DD where I start to talk about chainlink and we know that means it’s the end.