The Moonman - Trading Journal

Wanted to wait for a good “reset point” to begin journaling. Now that I’'m finally fully out of NVDA after significant averaging down and selling at pops, I think it’s a good starting point to begin journaling. I’m out of settled cash for the day so I’m going to chill, but will start journaling with today’s ending balance as my starting point.

April 19th
Ending balance: $1,102 (Edit: Updated ending balance as of market close)

5 SNDL $0.5c 1/20/2023 @ 0.25
20 VYGG $10c 5/20/2022 @ 0.06

April 20th

I initiated a deposit of $1k to my Webull cash account (my main trading/challenge account) from my tax refund that just hit my account today morning. I also transferred $1k from my refund to my RH account, but I’m going to dump it all in SPY shares and not look back for years. Will update this thread today for new entries and exits!

Update as of 9:47
Entered a small BEEM position: 2 BEEM 5/20/2022 @ 2.18

I’m wondering what I could’ve done differently for my NVDA exit. I had averaged down quite well to a cost basis of $0.16 (same strike and expiry as Conq’s) and had made many entries and exits but the averaging-down increased my position size considerably. I cut all my NVDA at the first pop yesterday for a total loss of a few $100 which was better than what would’ve happened if it didn’t have a pop, but if I held it through yesterday noon, I could’ve actually exited profitably smh. Conq still has all his NVDA so on one hand I feel like I need to develop this kind of mental fortitude, and on the other it’s like “better cut it now for a small loss than have the play drill further and lose even more.”