Tiddly's Trade Journal ($500 Account)

Hallo. I’ve been away for a good bit, but planning to hopefully motivate myself into trading properly this time around. If people have suggestions on how I should trade, what indicators I should use, or even charts that may be of use, that’d help me a lot. I’ll try to keep this up-to-date on what I currently have for positions and my profit/losses.

Aside from that, I’ll give a summary of what I was trading so far…

Yesterday: I played Lockheed (LMT) after they managed to win a $175M contract for F-35s. Historically, this usually entails LMT sells off (as far as someone told me??). I still thought it was worth entering due to how fast it sold in the morning that a potential bounce would be possible.

By the afternoon, it started to rise, though likely due to SPY pulling it up. There was also news that Congress passed a $886M Defense Bill which pushed LMT up $7. I exited a bit too early into the uptrend, but I wanted to secure profit for my first day back.

I’ll be looking further into LMT as we hear more about conflicts in the near future.

Gain/Loss: $49.92
Total: $556.12 (+9.86%)

I’ll make another post for EOD today.

Posting early since I’m out for the day. Since I’m using RH, I got hit with 2 PDTs so far (sick). Today, I looked at COIN. They recently got some bearish news relevant to crypto regulations being denied by the SEC. I tried to enter at a reasonable position, but movement was pretty much on par with SPY majority of the day, likely because of Quad Witching. COIN is another play I’m looking at long-term short. Crypto was riding along with the market on this 2 month bull run and likely see some massive downturn if the market decides to pull back.

COIN and a lot of miners tend to have these bursts when BTC runs and typically get bent the moment it slumps. I just picked COIN since it seems like it has the most potential to fall. I’m more likely to get into COIN for a longer out put position, but this will likely freeze my account from any other potential plays if it doesn’t move.

Gain/Loss: $44.22
Total: $601.04 (+8.08%)
EOW: +18.74%