Tik-Tok Ban: The USA and EU Just Can't Handle Our Sick Dance Moves

Thanks for the title Mimir,

Just making a quick post where I can dump the news about the potential for the USA/EU to ban Tik-tok as it seems to be coming out more and more frequently. It’s already been banned on government devices in the UK/USA and more recently the EU.

My tinfoil hat theory is the US is gonna keep pumping out anti-china sentiment to make a ban more palliatable.

Potential plays;

META (Instagram reels are basically tik-tok rip off)

SNAP (20-30x smaller mcap to META and seems to already be moving off the news, much more popular with younger people). Need to take a look at the chain tomorrow but theres a lot of volume on weeklies/monthlies.

BBIG (I hate to say it, but stuff has squeezed off far less, would be worth keeping an eye on it just incase it starts getting traction with the apes. They have some instagram rip off called Lomotif) There isnt much OI on this and not too shorted so a pop would most likely be short lived.

Bipartisan bill to be revealed tomorrow on a nationwide tik-tok ban.

Tik-tok has launched “Operation Clover” to try and ease Europe/ UK over security concerns. This tells me that they are taking it as a serious threat.


This could get interesting thanks for starting a thread on this.

Somewhere in a parallel universe Vine is still thriving :pepepray:


Tik-tok was just banned in Montana. Need to start keeping a close eye on this, especially where we’re at in the market where things are starting to be a bit more stable.