Tinman’s trading journal

Let me start this with I am a very new trader (under a year) most of which was listening to friends advice on buying into amc/gme and the rest of the time wandering around Reddit buying options like an idiot. Joined here during wave 3 and have been reading a lot and listening to vc as much as I can. I am determined to learn how to actually trade this year. Here are my 2 accounts. More details to come I just wanted to get something started.

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Been super busy with work and kids this week
Aside from my essc position. I played a few accd calls for earnings and profited 200% (small position)
Got destroyed on a F put lol
Grabbed a PLTR and a RKLB call where I thought the bottom was.
Grabbed some some opfi calls I’m currently up 96% and some shares right around 5.00

So overall profitable on the week.
Note to self: I need to get strict about setting stop losses on these option plays, working on some trading rules for myself currently and I think I need to put it as rules 1-5 lol

I got absolutely smoked this week with essc and others. wow, nothing much more to add other than I was caught up in the prospect of having essc wipe away all my mistakes from this first year of trading. I hate losing so its motivating me more than ever to spend my free time trying to absorb knowledge from so many great traders here.