Trading platforms for IRA's

Hey folks, I’m looking into setting up an IRA and would like some input into your experiences with the more “mainstream” trading platforms. Currently I just use WeBull, and it’s ok but I would prefer something better for the long run. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

I have my roth IRA on TDA/ToS. The fees on options are kind of annoying since my plan involves writing fairly cheap CCs (Think like .1-.2 max since it’s less about thetagang and more about generating some passive income off shares) and a few CSPs, but the tools available are nice. Plus, if you’re not putting in the annual cap all at once, it’s pretty clear when you’ll hit your contribution limit–have to go to their website for that, though.

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Thanks, my goal is to DCA into positions that I can eventually write CCs on but I want to stay away from the “memey” type companies if that makes sense. And with the contribution limits being what they are I’m probably going to look at some of these lower priced stocks to begin with. Appreciate it <:pepepray:930324508018106448>

Schwab has always served me well. My Traditional IRA is there. You can apply to options if you want. I do not use that instrument there. Simple long term holds like VTI.