TRKA- High Risk, High sentiment, High Short interest & Fundamentally Undervalued play

Making this to keep tabs on TRKA 's potential squeeze swing play and compiling everything I’ve gathered on it being discussed on Twitter and Reddit below.

Troika (TRKA) IPO’d on March 2021 around $3 and seem to be primarily a Marketing/Ad based company. They got shorted heavily soon after because they couldn’t generate any profitable quarters and seemed destined to fail. However then they ended up taking a loan to buy and merge with a company called Converge on March 2022.

Part of the reason why the company after merging ($1.05 share price at time or merging) continued to crumble was because of the S-1 filing revealing the details to register new shares up to 200 Million.

Dilution like this on a small cap would kill the price no doubt and so Dilution is definitely still a possibility that can instantly kill this play. HOWEVER TRKA issued a Registration Withdrawl on Feb 17 This year

This means dilution now is highly unlikely but nonetheless possible? Soon after they released PR with JEFFERIES LLC (Same company that helped GME during squeeze)

Company financial details:

Massive Sentiment:

Naked shorting accusations (albeit overdone by every pumpy company lately) mixed with VERY high SI (Seeing varying numbers but all from 90%-122%) hasTwitter, Reddit (Infamous pumpy subreddits) and StockTwits ablaze with TRKA over the last week ever since the Registration withdrawal by TRKA

If you ignore the brain dead PT’s from people on stocktwits and twitter of $100+. Few people have read through the 8-k of the company and highlighted the evaluation the company gave while taking the loan mentioned above of 2$ to 1.19$ per share to highlight a more reasonable PT.

Just yesterday The GNS CEO tweeted about TRKA and how them acquiring Converge will help beat the alleged massive naked shorting

Earnings are ALLEGED to be coming out towards the end of this month or earlier so that if shows positive things would add a lot more fuel to the fire

The only thing im concerned about is entry now, I’ve been monitoring sentiment over the last week and noticed Big name pumpers over Twitter mention and shill TRKA repeatedly and I noticed how the stock was barely moving which led me to ignore it at the start of the week but I’ve noticed how its gotten to a point where the stock seems to be rising without pumpers help as much which can be a good sign. That being said the close on Friday afternoon was a bit concerning, It almost broke .50 level but was saved because of a 400k buy order, So i think there still might be time to get a good entry in this around the .50 mark or even below (But with the GNS ceo tweets yesterday who knows)

Im currently in with 8k shares at .51 with the hope of scaling out at the 1$ to 1.20$ mark. I think this play will give both great Scalping and swing opportunities. Looking forward to hearing the discussions for this play


Scalped for 15% profit, looking for better re entry today because I think there’s gonna be a dip possibly today


Earnings are out and it looks good, Potential buy the dip on sell the news opportunity here now :thinking:

Sold off this morning. It’s dumping.

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Very sussy price action indeed gotta reevaluate I think this is done for now

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TRKA issued dilution, retail got bagged once again, rip TRKA

Just watching, seemed like it was dead after last night, over a 30% swing to the positive from the morning low of .29 testing .45 currently 215 million volume

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