TSB's Road to madness and riches. Nuked account --> $1,311,724.85 (end goal)

Hey all,

Come along for my wild ride as I try to recover my account where I lost 4 years of good investing gains as I was blinded by the prospect of retirement.

Current open positions:
Short 200 @$7.00
Short 2000@$5.00
Currently being eaten alive by borrow fees.
Because I am short on RSX I am currently holding a margin account while I’d rather be in a cash account.

Positions opened today:
MOS Apr14’22 68 Call 1@1.51
TKAT Apr14’22 5 Call 1@0.16
THCA Apr14’22 12.5 Call 15@0.47
AFRM May20’22 45 Put 1@5.90

I work a standard 9-5 often with client based calls so not always able to be active during the trading day.
Hoping to retire at 44.

If you made it this far, hey buddy! Stay frosty.


(Dates in UK format) -

Trades for 05/04/22 recap
Tax Year end day in the UK so super busy at work with little time to get super good entries.

Sold MOS Apr14’22 68 Call 1@2.65 (87% gain)
Sold THCA Apr14’22 12.5 Call 15@0.55 (17% gain)
Sold AFRM May20’22 45 Put 1@7.05 (19% gain)

Bought TKAT Apr14’22 5 Call 4@0.10

Sold TKAT Apr14’22 5 Call 5@0.35 (212.5% gain)

Bought VYGG Jun17’22 10 Call 10@0.18
Bought VYGG Jun17’22 10 Call 10@0.15
Bought HMHC May20’22 25 Call 5@0.15
Bought HMHC May20’22 22.5 Call 5@0.30
Bought TWTR Apr14’22 60 Call 1@1.19
Bought TWTR Apr14’22 60 Call 3@0.89
Bought TWTR Apr14’22 60 Call 6@0.63

(Perhaps not great entries in twitter but oh well)

06/04 is mega busy for my work as first day of new tax year so no trades till after shift ends!

Taking a temporary leave to sort some IRL stuff with minimal trading.

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I hope all turns out well for you, bud. Come back energized and take on the market again.
Blessings to you and yours <3


We’re back baby!
And things have changed…

New job that pays more, is more flexible and provides mental stimulus ✓
RSX borrow fees down by both fee rate % and last closing price. ✓
Back to 2 monitors for infinite charting✓
IRL shit done getting better✓

Current positions
Short RSX:

BBBY Jan20’23 $60 Call 5@0.75
AMC Aug12’22 $25 Call 5@1.06
CVNA Aug16’22 $40 Put 1@2.05

Let’s get this bread.

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Sold BBBY Jan20’23 $60 Call 4@2.10
($537.73 profit , one call left to run as some fun)
Sold AMC Aug12’22 $25 Call 4@2.90
($732.09 profit)
Sold AMC Aug12’22 $25 Call 1@3.60
($252.66 profit)

Lovely green, no more trading today before I inevitably lose it!

Edit 1: August 16, 2022
Sold the last BBBY call
(Editing as not worth a new reply!)

Trying to focus at work so often missing market open/early half.

Saw what I thought was a bottom so jumped into a small call position. Limit ordered it to sell @10% profit so I could focus on work and not watch the chart.

Bought AMC Aug19’22 $25 Call 5@1.21
Sold AMC Aug19’22 $25 Call 5@1.34
About $55 gain

In retrospect it seemed to have gone quite higher, but I’m happy with the 10% that didn’t require monitoring.

Perhaps I’ll buy a takeaway with those profits

Thought I’d try posting my entry closer to when I actually buy/before selling to be more accountable/transparent about my trades (not that I presume anyone particularly scrutinises my trades)

Bought some DIS calls and averaged down as it fell to 120 this am.
DIS AUG 26’ 22 $130 Call 100@0.78

(Will try to do so in future but can be hard to find the time to trade and document with work)

EDIT 1: 12/08/2022 - Closed these out , 200@0.40
Loss of about $6,572

Onto the next trade!

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Dear lord I’m horrible at updating things.
Will try to just update when I can with a bit less detail so its a bit easier to write.

SPY Sep30’ 22 369c , bought @0.19 , sold @0.30 - followed JBs 360 support callout this morning!
LMT Jan20’ 23 420c , bought @11.07
FEZ Oct 21’ 22 32p , bought @0.77 , sold around half @2.00 the other day and am letting some of it run. (thanks to the_ni and house for the thread about this.
SLB Jan20’ 23 40c , bought @2.93
NIKE Oct 07’ 22 90c , bought @0.51 , will have hold these overnight due to PDT rules.

Over the previous two days I’d bought and sold the below options for a little profit.
SPY Sep30’22 366 Put
MSFT Oct07’22 235 Put

I have a few other positions which I’ve basically written off as a loss so won’t be focusing on them since they’re dead to me. Outside of those which were initiated longer ago, think I’m trading a bit smarter and less yoloy recently which is good!

Till next time!

P.S since GBP is going down and these are in USD at least my portfolio is going up in base currency value… (haha, help my country is giving tax breaks and raising rates)

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W/C 3rd October 22

So turns out I got a fill last Friday on some average down(ing) on the SLB Jan20’ 23 40c s so my average became around 2.79 (rough calc)

Near market open sold:

SLB Jan20’ 23 40c 3.49
LMT Jan20’ 23 420c 13.06

Edit 1: FEZ Nov18’ 22 30p bought 0.95
Think FEZ can still go under 30 but may need a bit more time for news to come out of Europe

Edit 2: 05/10/22 - Bought the below on 04/10 around the time SPY hit 374, thinking it was gonna fall through support but it didn’t. Not a great price but the Friday numbers bailed me out.

ARKK Oct21’ 22 40p, bought 2.20, sold 2.60
SPY Oct31’ 22 360p, bought 5.26 sold 5.87

Edit 3: 11/10/22 (Added in strikes for above, whoops and added some ones I forgot)

04/10/22 - FEZ Oct 21’ 22 32p, bought a few more 0.65 (IBKR is showing my total positon average wrong for some reason but its probably between 0.65 and 0.77)
- FEZ Nov18’ 22 30p bought , average now @0.85 for position
- Sold previous post’s NIKE Oct 07’ 22 90c 0.6

05/10/22 - SPY Oct 05’ 22 372p, bought @0.35 , sold @0.05 , greeded a bit with this one, could have taken a very small profit but instead was a hog.
- SPY Oct17 22’ 365p, bought 4.10 , sold 5.06

06/10/22 - CVNA Jan20’ 23 20p, bought 5.3

07/10/22 - SPY Oct 07 22’ 370c, bought 0.42 , sold 0.53
- LMT Oct14 22’ 420c bought 0.75

Turns out I can only use the @ symbol 10 times so will no longer use.

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W/C 10th October 22

So I’ve finally sat down and back updated the previous week’s trades, note to self update regularly to avoid this ball ache. Working on making the trades easier to read. After posting I think this is a lot more readable then the previous posts! If anyone has any format tips/improvements, please let me know.

LMT Oct 14’22 420c sold 3.25
ALTU Oct21’22 10c bought 0.05

RBLX Oct14’22 35p (entry/exit 1) bought 1.58, sold 2.35. (entry/exit 2) bought 1.49, sold 1.75
QQQ Oct12’22 257p bought 0.49

I vow to not allow more than a few days worth of trades stack up.
Some really nice trades, have helped remove some of the dents from being greedy, also working on using less of my capital per trade which ended up meaning I didn’t make as much, but its good practice for when a trade doesn’t go my way.