TTM Squeeze Indicator

Does anyone have a script for this that will work in the Webull desktop app?

Couldn’t find one in my short time Googling. I would suggest downloading ThinkOrSwim and using it for charting.


None yet, what Conq said above.

I use both ToS and Tradingview with it.


I adapted another script from ToS into the Webull web app. I’ll take a look and see if I can do it with this one too. But as @Conqueror mentioned, probably using ToS will be safest. I’ll update if it looks doable.

I was thinking of posting the webull code for this indicator and the prings special k indicator on the forum. @Conqueror should I post it under education or some other area?

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You can post it there and tag it webull. If it needs to be moved we will move it. Thanks.