Twitter Pumpers / Furus Database

An upcoming Mimir feature requires a list of Twitter accounts of FURU’s / Pumpers. If you have some usernames, drop them in this thread.


realwillmeade is a classic

EggPlatypus only has 1,650 followers but he is well-versed in SPACs and sometimes get retweeted by Twitter furus.

JMTradezxcii is a SPAChead.

manpreetkailon 5Rivers furu

Currently listed as “inactive. Savingusername” but @dmcalls is caddude. I believe @beforetherocket is also caddude

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@JLinWins -
@SteveYonezu - SPAC


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This is now live in #pumper-feeds in Discord. Mimir is now tracking ticker mentions across the accounts in the list and will provide statistics for mentions. I realize this list might be somewhat out of date so if anyone has any additions feel free to add them.


This is fuckin great!


This data can now be viewed using /sentiment pumpers tweets and selecting a timeframe from the list. The list of pumpers can be viewed using /sentiment pumpers list.

Tweets referencing tickers with open positions in our system are pushed to #trading-floor (unless it’s SPY, QQQ, VIX or SPX because that’s just too much noise).

This has been a good first foray into processing tweets, looking to add more things like this in the near future.


The command /sentiment pumpers tweets is now /sentiment pumpers mentions and a new command is now live /sentiment pumpers ticker that allows you to search for a specific ticker and pull the last 10 tweets Mimir has stored that mention it. So mentions grabs all ticker mentions in your specified timeframe sorted by number of mentions and ticker allows you to grab the tweets for tickers in that list.

So the SEC basically wrecked a good part of this list :kekw: so if there is anyone you guys find that is up and coming let me know. Good function and I’m sure the pump volume is simply shifting.