UPDATE: $GRNA - high redemption, 1.2m float ex-SPAC

$GRNA (GreenLight Biosciences) is a new ex-SPAC that ticker changed on 2/3/22. It used to trade as the SPAC, $ENVI. During it’s time as a SPAC, it never traded above the ~$10 NAV except 11/30/21 where it hit $10.11 on only 8,104 volume.

With the trust at ~20.7m shares, I am looking for a 95.2% redemption of shares from the 2/2/22 shareholder vote. A 95.2% redemption or more of shares would put $GRNA around 1m free float or less.

An observation I have made on ex-SPACs (with no options) is that if the float is 1m shares or less, there is a higher likelihood of it moving thinly. (See $ANGH, Anghami, as a recent example in which, according to Twitter, has around a 365k float)

Additionally, $GRNA has and has had no shares to borrrow on it per shortablestocks .com

Last, but not least: New PR on them just came out regarding their agreement to field a station in Spain to boost research and development for key plant health projects.

I am not sure what it will do in the upcoming days and ex-SPAC redemption plays are super risky and never guaranteed, but I do have a small position just in case as a lotto.

What do y’all think, will we see high redemptions?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Do not take this post as financial advice. Do your own research. Consult a professional investment advisor before making any investment decisions.

UPDATE (2/8/22): Yesterday after-hours, after this post, it was announced in the 8-K that 19.5m shares have been redeemed, leaving the free float with 1.2m shares at the moment.

What about lock-up?
If if understand it correctly the lock up period ends on 2nd of June or when the share price is equal or higher than 15$ per share for longer than 20 days within a 30 days time period, within this 120 days period. This can be found in the S-1.


Your callouts have been nice to me, I’ll jump in for 100 shares.


Got in EOD yesterday with a baby amount of 10 shares.


Got in as well yesterday with 400 shares, looking good today


If if understand it correctly the lock up period ends on 2nd of June or when the share price is equal or higher than 15$ per share for longer than 20 days within a 30 days time period, within this 120 days period.


Thank you for sharing! I interpret it like that as well


Like the prospect, ended up taking a 1k share position earlier today, excited to see how this plays out


Finally got around to looking at this. So this was first mentioned in our server at 3:43PM yesterday:

My concern is that directly before this, someone front loaded the callout to the tune of 10’s of thousands of shares. We have to call a spade a spade and say that these plays are pumps. Investors aren’t interested in these SPACs, we know as much because that’s what creates these high redemption opportunities anyway.

So if we exclude hedge funds buying… who is? The answer is you and us and whoever sees your post. Then when you go to sell? Same people, its just everyone tossing money back and forth.


Short shares in this play are 3.29k (nothing).

I’m undecided on these callouts, but for right now it looks like you’re front-running my community. Lets make sure that isn’t the case.



75k shares insider buying from yesterday, that’s something.


This isn’t legit insider buying. If you pull up the form, the footnote for this purchase is:

(4.) Amount consists of 1,500,000 shares of common stock issued pursuant to a subscription agreement entered into between the Issuer and S2G Builders Food & Agriculture Fund III, L.P.

So this would be an automated purchase pursuant to the terms of the merger, not insiders having any sort of confidence in the company. Form can be found here:



@Mr_L has verified his position and I’m confident he didn’t front-run this callout. He’s either legit or like myself, is awful at pumping. :yong: – I think my assessment of the play stands however so just be careful and try not to use each other for exit liquidity.


Thank you for the concerns. I posted in the chat, but will repost here:
As for the concern around front-running, no worries. Here is a full list of purchases. 1,000 shares @ 8.50 average. Happy to be transparent here!

Lastly, you also asked who else may have loaded on the dip, I found that that someone had made a thread around $GRNA a few hours before I did on Twitter, so I’m sure folks loaded when that was first posted. Simply, someone beat me to the punch, thus their followers and those followers followers that retweeted, im sure got in.


How are we feeling about this play? Not much movement happening.

Added to my watchlist but not entering for now as it has such super low volume. Appreciate the info though.

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A little volume picking up here…

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Given the move today, I am out for now essentially at break-even. Will monitor for better position or bigger volume.