V - Visa down ~20% from all time high with recent drop. Will it recover?

I brought this up in VC the other day, the drop seems to be leveling off, but not sure if it will vomit again.

Someone looked into it in VC and it seems like they are under investigation by the DOJ, it sounded pretty minor though.

According to this article, it seems earnings were good, but they had a billion in fines from the UK.

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I think I was the one talking to you about Visa…

The ATH was $252.67 back on July 27th, and it’s currently at ~$208, so that’s like -17%…

I’ve been watching it, but I’m not convinced it has bottomed out yet. It’s not like the stock moves much percentage-wise on a daily basis so I think it’s worth waiting for confirmation of upward momentum before hopping in (for an assumed long-term hold).

FWIW, my two cents I think AXP would be a better long-term play if you wanted one of the CC companies. Their movement is much more stable than V or MA.

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