Valhalla 2.0 Phase 1: Trading Journals and Community Callouts

As I’m sure most are aware, there has been a lot of development going on behind the scenes building “Valhalla 2.0”. There is a lot to touch on and since a lot of it is still somewhat fluid I think it’s best to announce some of the changes that are rolling out in phases as we near “full launch” to give time for things to be digested.

The first two changes are targeted at cutting down some of the noise on Trading Floor and bringing the focus off of quick callouts and hopefully back towards longer discussion. I’m going to reference the surveys a lot in these coming announcements because there was a lot of good information in them. One thing that consistently stood out is that members value the forum most of all and miss the discussion from when it was more active.

Community Callouts Sunsetting

When we created Community Callouts it was with the intention of bringing more accountability to members that were discussing trades… well to be specific we had a severe victory lapping problem which was somewhat solved by forcing members to “call out” what they were doing. Unfortunately I believe that over time we’ve started over using Community Callouts which has slowly killed the detailed discussions and brainstorms that we loved about the forum. Further I think the lack of discussion has led to over-trading and to members generally taking trades “just to trade” instead of taking trades based on real catalysts or opportunities.

For this reason, Community Callouts has been locked and access to the !callouts command for general members has been disabled. The command for the moment will accept the input but nothing will actually be posted, I will fix it in the near future to issue a permission warning.

Like I said, this is the first step in moving the community in a better direction. Instead of focusing on making intraday callouts, I’d like for the community instead to re-focus on finding and analyzing market/ticker catalysts and trading opportunities and discussing them in the research category. There will be another announcement next week about a re-formatting of that category as well to better promote this.

Trading Journals Notifications

Trading Journals took hold a lot more than I personally thought they would and I’ve actually really enjoyed watching the progression of many of you. However, as a part of our focus shift towards active discussion of opportunities, having the hindsight of journal entries in trading-floor is potentially too distracting. Instead a #trading-journals channel has been created in Discord and notifications from that category will be pointed there instead.

Starting next week the rollout of changes will start to ramp up as we near the launch of “Trade Ideas” followed by my return to active trading and soon after, the re-launch of the Challenge so look for more announcements soon. Have a great weekend.


Excited to see the re-launch of the challenge. Thanks to everyone working behind the scenes and all their work!


Really happy with the work you put in, boss. Good stiff.


Ive been away from full time trading myself. Im excited to be relaunching my trading journey as well. Since ya boy (me) Misses you all and boy howdy am i excited