Valhalla’s Most Anticipated Earnings / April 4th 2022

Hello everyone !

Same as usual, the goal is to have those tables ready a week in advance. As the name implies, this would require a community input, so feel free to reply to this post with your picks for the week of April 4th 2022.

Valhalla’s Most Anticipated Earnings

Please follow the following format for your picks:

Company name: Crocodile Co.
Ticker: $CROCO
Earnings Day: MON-FRI PM/AH 7:00AM/4:00PM ET
Field*: Tech
Logo*: logo.png

*not necessary to specify

In the event that I do not receive enough replies to completely fill the calendar, I will manually complete it with the help of Earnings Whispers and other sources.

The deadline to send your picks is March 28th 2022 at pre-market open. (So I have time to edit all of it in time for Tuesday)

It is important to note that some companies inform us of their earnings date at the last second, so by making our picks two weeks in advance we will miss some. This calendar is not perfect but is pretty close to the real deal, considering it’s done one week in advance.

Thanks for your contribution

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I’m not seeing any companies that would make the calendar worth doing for the week of the 4th of April.
So I thing I’ll take a break for this one.

If you want me to give you details about a specific company like I’ve been doing in the other threads, feel free to ask. I don’t mind doing a case per case. But I can’t commit to doing a fully calendar + company analysis for this week and the next few week that will follow as I have a bunch of exams coming up that I need to focus on for uni.

Good luck to everyone playing earnings next week and sorry for not being consistent with my posts!