Veon - Could it be the next P/D

Saw VEON on some scanners -

Currently trading @ about .70 a share

Quick google search and - it is in Short Squeeze

Also, my favorite is it a Pump indicator

I wasn’t able to get the short interest command to run in #bot-spam-channel if anyone can please toss it in here.

I currently don’t have any position… (edit I grabbed a June 17th $1 call - pure lotto gamble)

Few News Snips from Yahoo Finance

“Veon, which was founded in Moscow as VimpelCom, received 51% of its revenues from Russia last year, and 14% from Ukraine, according to the company’s latest presentation to investors. The Amsterdam-based telecommunications company has come under pressure in the wake of the war in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S., European Union and U.K.”

Veon has $2.1 billion in cash and deposits, including $1.5 billion held in Amsterdam in euro or dollar denominations, the representative said by email.

The company’s bonds slipped into distressed territory after Russia invaded Ukraine and was sanctioned by other nations. Its 3.375% U.S. dollar notes due 2027 fell to as low as 39 cents on the dollar this month, and now trade around 58.5 cents, according to Trace.