Victory lapping is dead, long live victory lapping

Just a quick tidbit.

Victory lapping has become a pretty pervasive problem in the community and thus we’re going to be reaffirming the rule “Don’t discuss a position without an associated thread”. If you have an idea or if you’re capitalizing on an opportunity, it’s required that you mention briefly the opporuntity you’re trying to capitalize on in the forum in the Research & Analysis category or #option-strategies if it’s better suited.

Understandably scalps are quick trades however 100’s of people talking about entering and exiting positions on various things is about fuck all useless. Therefore the rule for scalps is that discussion can center around good places to enter and exit trades however simply showing up and mentioning “I made 15% on XYZ” is strictly prohibited.

We’ve made really good progress on re-focusing the community back towards playing catalysts and I’d like to see discussion more centered on opportunity that has yet to pass.

I want to see this community get back to it’s roots and I think this is a step in the right direction.

More soon. :pepepray: