Wealth Building: The next 25-35 years

Topic: To pick the brains of those that are more experienced/wealthier. How they amassed their wealth and what they would do differently if they could go back to their early 20’s.


  1. What wealth building streams have you created for yourself to reach financial freedom?
  2. Are there specific stocks you consistently invest in and hold?
  3. Real estate…worth buying a home ASAP? Buy, hold, and flip?

Goal: Retirement by age 50, financially free
Reach Goal: Retirement by age 50, $10MM net worth

Background: My wife and I, 26(m) and 24(f) currently bring home roughly $200k in household income. Still renting and keeping living expenses low. We save around 40% of that household income, after taxes.

Wealth streams:

  1. 401k with 6% employer matching (currently contribute 10% of my paychecks)
  2. Individual brokerage accounts (contribute whatever is left of the paycheck after living costs and 401k contribution)
  3. Tech consulting job with path to mid 6-figures (peak earnings by roughly age 40), wife is a teacher (only 2% annual raises)
  4. Get an MBA and increase that earning potential by going to a tier 1 consulting firm? (roughly mid 6 figures to low 7 figures but large grad school debt and reduced work-life-balance)

On #4 there are several online MBA programs that are a fraction of the cost. In most cases, no one cares if you have an MBA from Sloans only that you have an MBA. As an MBA myself I can tell you the network is more valuable than the degree.