WEBR - short squeeze?

Will Meade at it again.

Just opening a thread in case people are playing this



Why does it feel like it’s kind of late on this one already…


This is mostly so that if people choose to post updates or trade it, we have a thread to collect WEBR stuff. inb4 all the :forums:'s


Ah ok. I mean this could have a ways to go but it’s already +100% from a couple days ago if you consider AH trading and doesn’t seem to have the sentiment behind it like BBBY. Off topic but we talked about APRN but seems like WEBR took off over it :frowning:

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Just started looking at this today 3000% more options volume than normal. Sept 20 on tape as buys and sells so that would be my sell point and f it squeezes a bit. Iv is high and opex so will look at entering a postion with calls or shares next week if it cools off, or maybe 10/20 spreads for sept.

2445% more options volume again 8/22 biggest single 4k 9/16 10c, 1696 7.5c.
Will keep watching and see if the chain gets built up. Float is big, maybe a p&d by big boys or something like a catalyst before next opex and a early sept squeeze?

Short interest is around 60% of free float on this right now with an average price is around $7.60. I think this might still see upwards movement in the very near future.


Just wanted to say be careful with this one. Ortex might be pulling the free float out of their ass again.

The short interest appears to be high, because they’re using a float of ~17M. However, their latest filings and other sources report a float of about 42.77M (common stock minus restricted) , which makes the actual SI 24%.

You can find me ranting about this problem again elsewhere on the forum as I’ve seen it multiple times now.


Did some quick TA and it’s moving very similar to BBBY. I wonder how accurate the SI is from the bot channel.

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