Websites for market and trading info

Reports & Filings | EDGAR | Company Filings - Official SEC filing search - Alternative filing search - Filing tracker and market data aggregator

Sentiment Tracking - Sentiment tracker made by our very own @! Kryptek - Reddit stock sentiment tracker with various useful tools - Sentiment tracker
Twitch - Sentiment tracking stream - “Alternative” stock twitter, sometimes useful for DD. - Twitter search can be immensely useful for sentiment tracking

Scanners & TA - Incredibly full featured stock scanning tool - Pre-market scanner
Premarket Screener - MarketWatch - Pre-market scanner
Pre-market Movers - - Pre-market scanner

Options - Profit calculator, strategy tool & options data - Profit calculator & strategy tool (useful for larger price moves than optionstrat supports)

Market Data - Up-to-date market data including company financials, outstanding share counts, short interest estimates and more. Subscription Required - Only other site I’ve found that lists FINRA report short interest properly for free. Not updated as frequently as Ortex.
IBorrowDesk - Information regarding the availability of shares to borrow - Historical data for options and stocks

Suggested Brokers - ThinkOrSwim is one of the best trading platforms in existence and TD is one of the best brokers as well. - Fidelity is commonly used as well. Their desktop platform is worse than ThinkOrSwim, but as a broker they are on par with TD. - I generally don’t suggest using an “app” based broker for anything besides a backup, however, if you’re in that market, I suggest Webull as their platform is A LOT more fully featured than the other apps.