When to buy the dip

We’ve all heard the age old adage “be greedy when other are fearful and fearful when others are greedy” but that’s easier said then put into action, hoping as a community we can get some opinions up and brainstorm opinions on when to “buy the dip”

Starting thoughts as I write this spy sits at 414 signaling a 65 point dip in 51 days. This adds up to a 13.5% dip in less then two months.

Looking forward we’ve got increasing rate hikes, continuing invasion of Russia, increasing inflation, surging oil prices, and still supply chain crisis isn’t totally gone. I see no bullish catalysts in the near future.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the posts on Wall Street bets about markets doing well after increasing rate hikes and after the initial dip during war, I think this is largely due to these things being priced in ahead of time and then it becoming a sell the rumor buy the news situation. Would like to hear opinions on this.

Im challenging the great minds of this community to see if we can come together and find a great buy the dip opportunity, no easy task but with the community pulling minds together we could make a stellar market recovery play.

Edited this in but want to say no opinion/thought is to small want to hear any opinion out there.


I think this really depends on how you want to play it - as with SPY as the example -

From my perspective - if it is options it should be a scalp play based on momentum supports and resistance - have a tight stop loss too.

If it is a share play - for scalping it would be the same as the options above, a shares play for the long term - I think it comes down to where you are comfortable.

On an options LEAP play - I would say take the 3 months 6-month average and so on, to decide on the dip based on the current economic sentiment with small adjustments for inflation the longer the LEAP is.

Cover Calls plays - I would find the best value at the lowest strike you don’t expect it to hit and then go a few dollars above to be safe

In a cash-secured or naked put play, I would go with the bottom you expect minus $10 to be on the safer side possibly even more depending on the risk tolerance. Naked myself I would go even lower and expand the thresholds even larger the further out you go.

Hope this is helpful.