Witness my fitness - the beginning of Fithalla

Hey guys,

After today’s roast of my grocery haul, it was clear there’s a wealth of knowledge regarding health as well as overall fitness in our server. I’d like to begin a thread here so that those of us with goals can track our workouts and journey and do this kind of stuff together.

I’ll be posting my daily workouts, as well as meals and maybe some progress pics long as no one downloads them to LARP. If you want to participate, click the “i’m in” button, and comment your commitment for the year, and how you plan on achieving that.

My goal:

Current weight: 178-180
Goal weight: 170
Weekly workout routine:

  • Monday - Chest, bi’s, tri’s
  • Tuesday - Legs
  • Wednesday - Chest, bi’s, tri’s, shoulders
  • Thursday - Legs
  • Friday - Full body with 30 mins of cardio
  • Saturday-Sunday - rest

This is a very unofficial thing and if we have enough activity on it, we’ll make it more organized. I’d also encourage anyone and everyone interested in this to use the chat specific for this page so we can have a centralized knowledge source for fitness-related things.


That’s super nice. I have a weight loss journey to start myself. I’ll be happy to share about my journey


Been using my fitness pal, to make better choices and going to orange theory since the lockdowns, went from 230 to 218 in about 3 months - my plan is to continue this through the year - if anyone wants to try the work out they are posted on Reddit I do 3 - 5 a week


you fucking dickweeds, i said comment your commitment for the year


I suggest checking out Jeff Nippard on YouTube for fitness education. And Chris Heria for workout routine ideas. Chris Heria has been doing a lot of “at home” workouts as well due to COVID.

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I’m gonna lost 20lbs this year Swole. Seeing as no one else wants to post goals. I have an Indian doctor who does not mince words and tells me I’m overweight. I’d like to not have him crush my soul every time I need to see him.

At 5’8’’ my target weight is 165lbs. I’m 184 as of ten seconds ago.


One tip, focus on how clothes fit not the scale


That’s an awesome goal, thanks for sharing Sucky. Let’s get it together.


Current weight - 180
1/23 Goal weight - 210

Going to achieve this with 3-4x a week workouts. I generally go for an hour and a half maybe 2, and can acheive everything within this time frame. No cycling, supplements only.

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My goal will mostly be around consistent weekly workouts. With kids, this is the biggest huddle. Not worried about weight, I’ve been ~155 for as long as I can remember.

Monday, Friday: Run - 3-5 miles. Current pace is ~7:15, plan is 6:45-7:00
Tuesday, Thursday: Weight, mostly kettlebells and/or free weights
Wednesday: Soccer
Saturday: Body Pump with the wife (don’t knock it till you try it)
Sunday: Light run

Starting tomorrow.


Current - 198
Goal - 185

God my only weakness is I have no idea how to make nice and healthy meals lol… WTF DO YALL EAT


Turkey is a big one, very low calorie

It is more about total calorie count on the day vs “healthy meals” enough of anything is too much


That’s true, I actually have been good with my calories… despite what I eat


Biggest thing for me:

  • Little to no fast food and beer
  • Limit as much sugar as you can
  • Make your own food
  • Cheat days 1 or 2 days a week
  • High protein breakfast (I make these no bake protein bars because I’m lazy and want something fast)
  • Eat a ton of veggies
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Ok ok ok…time is my biggest enemy so I work 70 hours per week, eat shit, drink coffee all day, and haven’t done much or anything since 2020. That said you all make good points, so currently at about 220 and 5’8 so first step will be consistent eating (healthy stuff yogurt, veggies, pb etc) and then start back up slow with da jogging. I give it 2 months ans will be back down to 195. Count it. Thanks all good idea


great thread!!

Big believer in intermittent fasting over here. I have been doing it for about 4 years and it’s allowed me to maintain my weight (155ish) and eat whatever I want even if I slack on activity.

I’m also a serious tennis player and recently was feeling discomfort in my knee. Turns out I have a torn meniscus but I’m trying to avoid surgery so going through PT. It’s possible it was an old injury that has turned into weaker surrounding muscles. Praying I avoid the :hocho:.

I’ll be following along all of your progress and will try to update mine as well.

FITHALLA to the moon!!


I love this thread idea. I’m teetering in the mid 190’s due to stress eating from work etc etc. my goal is 170 by mid summer and working out consistently 4-5 days out of the week at a minimum. I’ve tried to do this multiple time but usually gas out 2 months in :smiling_face_with_tear:

Time to get serious :metal:

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Currently a college basketball player. Two year fitness commitment is to perfect my craft and continue improving my athleticism so that I can play professional basketball.

Saw everyone adding measurements so my goal is to go from 180 to 200 lbs by 2024.


I am 7 days in on a new health journey for myself. Started around 190 and want to be at 170 by the end of May. So far I have cut out alcohol and am drinking 1 gallon of water a day. I started walking 45 minutes every day and will add in an additional 45 minutes of strength training. I am doing a modified version of the 75 hard challenge.


I am 2 weeks into my commitment. That commitment is bag chasing. Burning calories by chasing paper. Major bag alert. For every dollar I don’t make I do 1 push-up.