XELA - Down 500%+ from 2021 highs, currently in an uptrend... 55%+ this week, 150%+ over the past two

Putting this here really to get some eyes on it after last week. Options are dirt cheap, were up double at one point this week (currently up 20% from buy-in point when I started watching this. No real position, literally just one 1c to make tracking movement easier).

They do have earnings expected for 3/15, though IV is extremely high on the 3/18s. I’ll see what else I can find re: earnings etc, otherwise what do you think, a burnt out P&D or something with some steam left in the engine?

2/7- XELA announced an increase for their common stock note exchange program, up from $1 to $1.25.

Shareholders can now exchange blocks of 20 shares of common stock into a tradable $25 note due 2029 with 6% annual interest rate

XELA is on NASDAQ, so it’s in their interest to get back above $1 ASAP. I grabbed a small stack of Feb and Mar 1c today, they’re very cheap and they’ve been moving a bit over the past week with decent OI on them. IV is insane though, so shares might be smarter (if this does go anywhere between now and March)

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