Yong's Daily Lunch Money Account

I started my Webull account to get used to the interface and switch out from shit ass Robinhood. Lost too much money because I couldn’t day trade on it. Anyways I put in $100 in to Webull which settled on 3/3. From there I only traded spy. Only small scalps, aiming for 5-20% per trade. That’s enough for lunch anyways which is my goal. I’m planning on pulling out the money I spent on lunch at the end of each month so that’s the plan.

Anyways I haven’t lost a single trade yet and turns out my spy scalps are good if I have day trades to sell. I’m up 77% on the account so far and honestly, I’m pretty excited and I hope that I can continue to improve my day trading skills so I don’t have to just cut at 5-20% because I’m afraid that I’m wrong. I’m cutting early on all my plays just so I get the confidence and I don’t get blown tf out.

I want to reach 100% by tomorrow but we’ll see. I’ll update this from time to time. I only trade once a day on here since my acc balance is so low but hopefully that’ll change.


Quick 14% gain on a spy scalp bringing my acc to almost $200 giving me a 97% gain on the account in 1.5 weeks. I personally think spy runs more but I didn’t wanna risk it today on a Friday before the weekend of fomc.
Entry wasn’t perfect, could’ve made another 14% but whatever, happy I got out of the trade up 14% when I was down 30%. Hopefully I can keep this win streak going next week and next my acc to 400-500

I did another quick spy scalp from 424.6 to 425 resistance to get my acc to $200. Also all my orders recently showing my small spy scalps adding up

Full transparency. I lost a fuck ton today because I was greedy. I hit my 20% gain, then saw it run up a bit more, raised my limit to 30% and then got blown out. I should’ve cut at a 10-20% loss but I was too pissed and emotional, (very unusual for me recently) and then held until I was down 70%. I was very emotional and I about to just take a GFV and go back into spy calls from the 419-419.7 run for a 20-25% gain but I stopped myself.
I learned my lesson. My goal was 20% so I’ll just keep taking 20%. My plan has been derailed but that just means I’ll be away from my goal of 10k by a couple more days. I will bounce back. Onto the next plays

So today was a good day. 4 successful scalps after learning from my mistakes from last week.
I successfully transferred what was left in my robinhood account to here ($100, guh). Also now I have an original amount of $200.

Last week, I lost $90 and gained back $60, leaving me with 270 to start this week. I went over what caused those losses and it was mostly because of position sizing. Last week, I had 3 losses and 13 wins. 2 of those losses were just $10 or lower but 1 was like $70 plus. That was because I didn’t know when to cut. I went back to all my plays and counted my win loss. I had a 80% win rate not including today’s 4 wins. That means that I’m a good trader, just shit position sizing. So I changed my position sizing and also learned to avg down thoughtfully.

I have to learn to enter a starter position and either average down or let it run instead of trying to time the perfect entries, which leads to greed and misses plays. Another huge mistake was stop losses. Some of my losses was because my stop loss hit and then immediately after, SPY took off. I set my stop losses too far up instead of giving more room. Another mistake I saw was that sometimes I panic sold even though every single play ended up as a win if I held for another 5 mins, other than the 1 play which cost me $70.

I learned from these mistakes and now enter earlier with a position I’m fine running, but also with enough cash to average down if needed. After averaging down on some of my plays, I was able to get all my scalps to be wins.

Also I realized that webull doesn’t reinforce GFV if you have like less than $1000 because I’ve been trading with unsettled cash multiple times and got no GFV. I also traded stocks even beyond the free one so idk how long webull will allow me to use unsettled funds.

Anyways my goal this week is to be at $700 to 1000.

My webull P&L today is fucked but I’m up 38% today from a staring balance of $130. So yeah I got dicked last week thursday and friday.

I went back through all my trades and counted my wins and losses. I have 38 wins, 13 losses, giving me a 74.5% win rate. So even though I’m very accurate, how the fuck am I still down like 50% from my previous update and $20 down from my original money? Because my position sizing and not knowing when to cut dicked me.

Of my 13 losses, most were reasonable losses averaging in the $20’s. 2 big losses were $84 and $185. These were because I kept averaging down instead of just cutting. So yeah I need to learn when to just take the L because if I just look at stats, I can make the loss back in 1 or 2 trades esp with a 75% win rate basically.

I’m an accurate trader, but not a good trader. I’ll be continuing to work on position sizing and not getting retarded averaging down. Anyways onto better days ahead

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Was at 255 until I bought a spy put at bottom, held too long, bought a call, stopped out at bottom and got dicked.

Anyways while Conq is gone and JB apparently taking a break too, yall fucks gonna have to deal with the walmart brand challenge acc. Follow my fd degenerate spy plays or inverse me idk.

Anyways my goal for the next 2 weeks is to be at $1000 at least. So let’s fucking go starting next week.


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