Yong's Road to Being a Good Trader

Here is my performance for the month of September. I started out with just $112 in my port because of financial aid issues and wanted to see how much I could grow it.

Lots of learning experiences from this one.
First week, I was up 50%, I let this get to my head

Second week, I was up consistently 7-15% on my port every day, but ended up either up only 2-3% or down 5% because I overtraded due to my overconfidence and making riskier plays.

Third week, learned from second week and the first 3 days went great. My port went to +100%. Nice right? Well yeah fourth day, I got stopped out at around 25% loss. I was like no biggie and went for another play. Yeah another stopped out for like 25% loss. Then the next day I was too emotional and went for dumber and riskier plays to try to earn my money back all at once - retard’s idea. Back to back stopped out for like 30% because I let my emotions take over again.

Now this week I started out at $80. I was green all week and ended up at $140. Very very good gains. I’m aiming to get back to 100% next week, but we’ll see how that plays out.

Lots of things learned from this month. Be happy with all green, but also let my positions run a little longer so that my risk reward is much more higher on to the upside, so that if I get stopped out, my gains from previous plays can negate it a lot more.
2 - after my first trade, if I’m not getting a super high confidence play, don’t fucking play. Not worth the risk at my port level.
3 - if I’m emotional and start thinking about how to get one huge play - don’t fucking trade that day

Overall, very happy with my new trading system as it’s gotten me consistent 10-20% gains on each play with very high win rate if I am patient and don’t take stupid risks. Very excited to see where I can take this port by next month and I hope to get it to $1000 soon.

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Here is my trading system @Gale

So the most important thing in my system are the support/ resistance levels and then the volume associated with them. So I’ll first show you how to find them levels.

So on tradingview, you go click on the left tabs to find the “Fixed Range Volume Profile” tool. Then you draw that and click between the 2 time points to find the volume between those times. Then you’ll get the yellow and blue volume peaks. What you want to do is search for the start of those peaks to mark your supports and resistance. And combining with the starts of the peaks, you want to make sure the daily and the hourly candles do show wicks or rejections/ bounces from those levels. So on my chart, you can see that I chose supports near the peaks or when the peak starts to form and you can see lots of reactions near those levels. To refine these levels, you want to go to the hourly and then repeat the process to get more accurate levels. Then during PM, you want to mark the PM highs and lows to see if they align with your levels and if the market respects those levels during trading hours. If the PM lows and highs are respected during market hours, I typically leave them on, if not, then I remove them.

Next for volume. It’s the basic indicator found on Tradingview. What you want to see is the either the buy/sell volume increase with the trend so that you know that this trend is real and not a bull/bear trap. Let me give you an example of my trade today.

I use the 3 min and the 1 min.

3 min chart:

1min chart:

So I highlighted the candles where I entered my trade. On the 3 min, you can see the huge bottom wick, which made me lean bullish, especially when looking at the big green volume following the huge red candle and the even bigger buy volume on the bottom wick candle. Then I switched over to the 1 min to refine my entry. On that red candle, I entered because the sell volume was stupid low and the 2 previous candles had huge buy volumes. So I didn’t think that SPY would reverse here. Ideally, I would have entered after the 3 min candle ended above my 362.22 resistance, but I knew that once SPY broke above that level, it would be an explosion so I front ran it, although I rarely do it. But since the buy volumes were huge and the candle formations were all bullish, esp with SPY testing that 362.22 level constantly, I knew I had to jump in. Then you can see that SPY exploded upwards and led to a 100%, I cut pretty early because my port is small so I take quick entries and exits to minimize risk. But if you were playing with a bigger port, you could have held for a little longer for a 100% gain.

For exits, I either cut a couple cents before my next resistance line so that I don’t get reversed before I reach there, as seen here. But I also rely on my 3 indicators - 8/21 EMA, Nadaraya - Watson Envelope [LUX] and RSI.

For exits, I typically use the Naradaya Watson as my exits. Once the price exits the top and bottom ranges of my indicator, I know that it’s time to cut soon. Using the 1 min this time, I cut quick because these violent and quick moves up typically requires the 1 min to make the better exits IMO. For the slower and less violent moves, the 3 min is used better. The other thing I use is the RSI. If the RSI is nearing the overbought/oversold range, I sell.

Now for entering with these indicators, I really only enter calls if SPY breaks above the 21 EMA on the 3 min. The 21 EMA works as a super strong resistance/support so it’s better to play calls if SPY is above and puts if SPY is below. For entering, enter the trend. If the trend is down, wait for a retracement back to the 8 EMA on the 3 min to enter or for the confirmation of a rejection at a resistance level. I also check if the RSI isn’t oversold/overbought, showing me that there’s more room to run. I also don’t buy the trend when price is overextended to the upside or downside.

If you wanted to play a counter trend, I would really only enter if SPY starts to break above the 8/21 EMAs (like today’s play), or when it’s super overextended to the downside like today at 360. Let me give a few more examples of potential good trades today.

So I highlighted where I would see my potential play on the 3 min and where I would enter on the 1 min. On the 3 min, you can see that SPY was oversold and shot back up above the 21 EMA and the 362.22 resistance and bouncing off that level.

Then checking the volume, the green candles after the red doji were on good volume, showing that there were buyers incoming. Then switching over to the 1 min, I would have bought a call after the 1 min green candle ended. That showed weakening volume on selling and volume coming in for buyers. Then it broke above the 8/21 EMAs with a good body. I would have cut at the 364 resistance and you can see that buyers kept stepping in with equal volume. The RSI was also at the middle, showing that there were good moves in store for the upside or the downside. But the RSI was staying above the 50 level, which was leaning bullish. So combined with this, I would have entered calls and exited at my resistance level or when price started to near the naradaya watson levels.

Hope that helped and let me know if anyone has questions. This isn’t a perfect system since you’re waiting for confirmation everytime, but works great for me. You just have to be patient and let plays develop instead of trying to front run every play.


Ended the week up 43.49% and port at $201.86. Very happy happy with my progress, esp since my port is back to the peak before my stop loss shitters. I’m hoping to bring this to $300-400 next week, but whatever happens, happens. Just wanna stay green.

I need to learn to hold my plays at least 10 seconds longer since today I had a 6% gain, but would’ve been over 33% if I held for 1 more minute. But overall, port is making very good progress and excited to see how my port ends by EOM


Don’t look back on the what coulda been. You’ve been consistently sticking to your target and hitting it every single day. Grow the port and then when you are hitting 10 percenters in the first 30 minutes of open it becomes 200 300 dollars.

Stick to your plan that’s working well. It’s been great to see you do. And succeed at this week. I will be watching P and L channel and these updates. That 4 digit port coming soon.

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You’re killing it lately and I’ve always gotten a lot out of your analysis. Keep it up dude.

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Last week was a wild ride. Was emotional trading a lot which caused very shitty plays/ not cutting fast enough. Went from up 7% on Monday, down 40% Tuesday, gained back 20% on Wednesday, and then was down 52% of my port on Thursday. Friday I was able to calm down and trade intelligently. I was able to get a 100% on my port and return to $194.62 on my port. Still down $7.24 for the week, but way better than down over $100.

Hopefully next week I can recover and continue on my winning streak. Or may go on a longer trading break, who knows. Either way, I’m learning how to hold onto my positions longer, giving myself bigger gains which can offset these losses. Hopefully to $300 next week, but as long as I end up green, I’ll be fine.


Port is up to $273 from $112 starting. Great progress for a little under 2 months, esp since my port went down to $80 and then $97 during those 2 months.

Wanted to end the week on a high note but instead went down 11%. Still very happy with the week gains though. Have to remember that the average yearly returns on the stock market is 10%. I got 4 years of returns in 1 week. I’ll keep improving.

Very happy with this week though. Learned when to let positions run longer, allowing for bigger gains, offsetting big losses like today. Hopefully I learn to hold even longer since I’m still cutting fairly soon but that’s for a later problem. I’m happy to be consistently profitable now.

Hindsight, should not have traded after missing my call entry and trading, and should’ve held my call knowing that markets were going up instead of cutting after 2 red candles, since market did immediately go up after cutting.

Another hindsight. Don’t trade hungover lmfao.

Overall a great week and I hope to get another 40%+ week next week, ideally I want at least 50% but we’ll see.


Awesome stuff my man! This is all really inspiring, fo real…I hear you on holding longer (or vice versa, not cutting losers quick enough), that’s been an issue for me too on the few green plays I do take. I think a bit of confirmation bias from the red and orange names on TF and in VC wouldn’t hurt on days where there is an obvious trend forming due to something we may have missed that day (bonds, dollar stuff, international news etc). Not that anyone is all knowing, but pool everyone in Valhalla together and it’s the closest we can possibly get…

What contracts are you buying etc? This thread is yours and yours alone, but in 6 months you may want to go back over and see what lower cost strategies worked and which didn’t. And yeah, won’t lie, that could help folks like me with smaller accounts (lots of us these days with real life costs…). Whatever you decide to do, congratulations my dude, it’s awesome to see someone down but not out one day turn it around to a profit. Awesome job, I wanna be like you when I grow up lel


I do strictly 0 DTE OTM contracts on SPY or SPX. I hold for a couple minutes max so it’s just quick scalps on quick violent moves. I plan to do swing trades and longer trend plays when my account is bigger and I can buy those longer dated calls and average down multiple times.

I think I’m fine with the contracts that I’m buying, just making sure that my entries are good is the main problem for me. For small accounts, I think it should just be very quick scalps instead of swings, since swings are expensive and you should be able to average down multiple times.

The strategies that worked the least was me front running the plays and hoping the play went well, or in Friday’s case, missing my call entry and then chasing to catch the move. So just making sure that emotions are kept in check and telling myself that there will always be more plays ahead.

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It’s been a while because I put in $100 like 2 weeks ago and I was trying to get it to $200, pull out $100 and then start from there again. Now that I’ve reached that mark, I’m going to pull out $100 next time my cash settles and restart the road to good trader next week.

One thing I’ll do differently this time is to pull out $100 when I reach $300 this time instead of waiting until 400-500. Green days ahead hopefully good luck to me