Additional Twitter Feeds (Besides Walter)

I’ve got a lot of room left on our limits for the Twitter API and I think we can use some of it to add feeds for additional Twitter accounts to Mimir. Not really sure in what capacity it’ll be used besides sending notifications to threads (like the newly created #positions-feeds):


So instead of users like above, it’d be Twitter accounts.

So looking for ideas for news accounts or honestly anything else people think could be useful.


I personally can’t find a non-opinionated account that wouldn’t also be a bit redundant.

But, speaking of APIs, have you considered integrating a database that we can pull info from? I think this could be extremely beneficial to the forum. For example, databento or Nasdaq Link have financial, economical and alternative datasets that we could potential pull from when researching data for DD. I don’t know any of the backend stuff, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

Honestly comes down to what data we’re looking for out of the vendors. Mimir has a good amount of data already accessible internally, everything from candles to quotes to fundamentals and so on so just need to know what we’re looking for and a solution can be put together rather quickly.

This is exactly the type of stuff I’d like to see discussed though. @Navi I know is a good person to also chime in.


So what were you looking for @notmisa :kekw: and I know you’ve talked about this before as well @sparrow.

While I am my favorite person, talking to myself isn’t very fun so anyone can feel free to jump in on these convos :kekw:.


Perhaps some of the accounts here: Market-related resources - YT, Twitter, Podcasts ?

This subset in particular have shared just-in-time thoughts in the past:


Greatly appreciate the list. These are all now live in the newly created #twitter-feeds. This system utilizes a forum channel similar to #positions-feeds does which offers broken out threads based on user which can be followed for notifications and a “All Feeds” thread which can be followed for all tweets in our curated list (which are currently @The_Ni’s suggestions + MacroAlf from me.)

I think in the future I’m going to implement a feature that allows for a tweet to be forwarded to #trading-floor by members of the community as thats the best way I can think of to get the important info out there for now. But for now, enjoy!


I just noticed that this has replies enabled.

Undecided on if this should be left as-is or if we should filter to just tweets.

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Opted to disable replies and retweets. Lot of noise.


This account is strictly sector-specific for Car Dealers but I find him to be a good gauge of what’s going on at the ground-level:


Helps me confirm what Ridn and JJ are already telling me.

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I think you tried to invite him to Valhalla but this dude seems alright too, although leans bearish:


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Thank you @macromicrodick these have been added :pepepray: