Addressing holi's removal

The decision was made late last night to remove holi from the community.

For the sake of transparency, this had been something that we had discussed at the administration level for quite some time (months). Holi consistently made extremely poor decisions when trading which normally isn’t an issue, our community exists to educate and help people. However, in his case, he wholesale refused to admit he needed to be a student instead of a teacher and continually attempted to “educate” members of the community and call out plays despite having no reason for thinking he should be doing so. Members know holi from the YouTube video and automatically assumed he had some talent in trading and no matter what we did, we couldn’t seemingly make it clear enough that he shouldn’t be listened to.

We were very sensitive to the fact that holi had lost his AMC gains and because of this, we opted for months to keep him here despite knowing the negative effects he had on our community because, being honest, I didn’t want to take the last thing he had from him.

However, it was brought to my attention that since ESSC, he’d been having conversations behind the scenes with various people telling them that ESSC was purely my fault and that if I hadn’t been so childish, the play would’ve worked. This is of course forgetting the fact that it was holi himself that went on a Reddit posting spree which resulted in us making the /r/SPACs post to damage control him and that caddude’s “ESSC scam” post was almost entirely focused on screenshots of things he’d said. However, something to keep in mind is that I’ve known he was doing this for the last month, because… he wasn’t removed. People are free to criticize me, I’m not a fan of people doing it in the shadows like that, but everyone is welcome to their opinion. We even had a conversation yesterday morning after he was giving out questionable advice in VC about removal and I voted to keep him.

However, holi had let this jade him and he crossed a line to me which was that he began to undermine the 1K challenge. When I first created it, he announced his 150K to 1M challenge, which I was fine with, however, he then started telling people that the challenge is ridiculous because 1K doesn’t mean anything to me and I’m just going to YOLO it and nobody will learn anything. For me, this was the point where I know there is nothing that can be done.

The 1K challenge was created with the entire community in mind including holi. It was an opportunity for him to learn how to actually trade and how to do so with a responsible amount of capital. To hear him not only talking ill about it, but actively undermining the attention that would be put on something that is so important to the community was the last straw.

For those unaware, holi made 7M on AMC. He lost it despite a herculean amount of effort from those of us in the server who tried to get him to do the right thing. He traded so poorly he had to sell his car and is now trying to “invest that money” to get back to being a millionaire. His first play… was PTON puts, his money was saved by his transfer being late.

I liked holi, I avoided making this move for a long time, but now that its been made, its permanent. I wish him luck.


:pepepray: :pepepray: :pepepray: :pepepray: :pepepray:


Damnnn…I’m feeling really bad for him knowing that he also just had a newborn. RIP and hoping the best for him and his family :pepepray:


The transparency is appreciated.




Like Taylor said: the transparency is really nice so thank you.

What an incredibly unfortunate situation.

Wishing the best of luck to Holi as well as his family.


I hope he’s alright. High Risk plays like those played last year can easily tear friends apart.
Once he’s calmed down, he should be ok again.

For those of you with small accounts, you really only need 1.5% a day to become a millionaire in 1-2years.

Love the transparency here in Valhalla. Do try to separate your emotions away from your trades.


I was wondering why his YOLO speak was allowed for so long. Hope he makes his money back and comes back a better trader!


Respect the transparency and continued effort towards making this community a better place for everyone.


Thanks for the transparency! Wish him the best.


Echoing the appreciation of the transparency. Wish him the best in what the future brings


I hope to see him back one day but understand now if he isnt. Thank you for the transparency. Wish him the best :pepepray:


I second this. I’ve always enjoyed holi’s presence and in VC. I understand why he’s gone now, but I do hope to see him back some day.


:pepepray: :pepepray: :pepepray:

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Respectable decision. Regardless, he will be missed with his lil toddler pics. Wish him the best of luck!

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He is a great friend to me - I hope he can repent for his actions and join the community again, if possible.


I appreciate the full transparency here Conq! I have been out for about 3 weeks and have not been in VC or TC for a while. I am saddened to hear about the behind the scene issues and I wish Holi the best of luck and hope he comes back in the future.

This is the way!

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If I remember correctly, wasn’t his role “legend”? Or was he demoted over time? I feel people see that role and pay more attention thinking he knows what he’s talking about.

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this sucks. hope he can redeem himself. he was nice everytime i interacted with him


Holi was demoted several times. The problem is that he developed a lot of knowledge about options strategies and that was useful. So we’d demote him and he’d focus and start helping people, so given that he had changed his tune, he’d often be promoted for that specifically and then he’d go right back to doing what he normally did. Had he not been removed, he was going to be stripped on his Legend role within days.

The roles however didn’t really seem to help or hurt, most people knew him from his viral fame and thought he was credible because of that.