Announcing new "Callout Rules"

We’ve been monitoring something that has become somewhat of a growing issue lately relating to members making conflicting callouts and claiming victory when one prevails and members showcasing only a select portion of their trading, sometimes creating the illusion that they “never miss”.

Callout Rules

As a result, we’re introducing the following rules to help promote more transparency in the community:

  1. All members making long term projections or sharing gains/successess publicly (as defined below) based on predicted movements of a stock or the market MUST have an active trading journal with screenshots of their entire account statement at the end of each day which details their P&L on all the trades they’ve made. Members are permitted to omit the dollar amounts and instead only show percentages if that makes them more comfortable.
  2. In addition to this, all members are required to notate their projections in the “Community Callouts” thread as a new comment. This thread is just for callouts and is not for commentary. You can see the OP of the thread for an example of what I’m looking for. You can find that thread here: Community Callouts

Members who violate these rules frequently will be removed from the community.


Long term projections mean assessments of coming SPY movement, earnings plays, fundamental moves and other plays with a time horizon of hours to days where specific price points or targets are usually given. This means that if you’re creating a long form DD like for instance what @The_Ni does, you are not required to make these posts, however, if you’re making off-the-cuff assessments of things in TF without an associated post, then you are required to make these posts.

Obviously things like scalping callouts relating to pointing out support and resistance on moving stocks are exempt from this requirement as well.

All in all, if people are commenting on your trading or if you’re sharing “how up you are” you should be making these posts.


Would it be possible to implement a system that follows the success of these callouts? having 3 (4) options assigned to each call out: correct/incorrect/(neutral)/not yet determined. It could aso be visible on people’s profile? Not sure if this is possible here, or how much work it would be to implement if possible


Why not just a post-mortem for success or failure like has been previously done on some of the earnings trades? Long term success in trading tends to require analysis of ones trades and looking at what could be done better for new positions - or are you more asking for something like backtesting the results?