Community Callouts

This thread is for general callouts from members of the community. This is a log it is not a place for discussions, feel free to discuss the callouts in TF. An example of such a callout is:

I think SPY is going to hit 500 this week because nobody cares about war and nothing makes sense.


I think SPY is going to go to 350 because everything sucks and here’s a chart with TA stating why: <insert image that I’m too lazy to make for this post>

Basically write the shit you were going to say in TF here.


Does this thread feed to #TF?
If so, you intend for it to be used in lieu of callouts in #TF?
Should we also post here for callouts made in voice?
Thanks and I support this new new :cheers:


Grabbing a CRM call here, 3/4 220c to hold up until close. May also buy something longer out, will update.

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Averaged down once, then closed just now at breakeven. Watched it sit red since I bought it and don’t want to worry about it.

Holding a 3/18 thru earnings.

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I’ve been swing trading XLE for a few days based on the price channel highlighed below. I like XLE as a bull trade right now because it has good exposure to oil futires and SPY.

I expect a gap up at open and will be monitoring for re-entry if the price dies into the afternoon.
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$XLE gapped up as expected. I blasted unload. Waiting for reentry around 72-71.50

$XLE looks like it might be primed for entries again this morning. Energy across the board took a hit after rumors that the Iran nuke deal is neary ready to close.
I’ll be looking for fills at the bottom end of this price channel below

I’m taking 3 WEAT 10p. It’s ran all morning, just trying to play a pullback. Risky.

Edit: cut for a loss, WEAT is too strong.

$XLE below 200 ema on 3 minute candles. If it holds here through close I would expect a gap up again at open.

Also currently coupled with $SPY and Crude, so expect XLE to rise if either of those do.

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To follow up on this, I have highlighted a 90 day channel that suggests a neutral to bearish is also possible, however, I believe the events of the past week to be more indicative of where the price will go.

If anyone wants a high risk, high reward play, you can look at 3/4 800p’s on tsla. Seems like tsla broke the uptrend hard and gonna go back on the downtrend. The next major support is at 760 which is what I might play.

I remember a lot of us played COST last earnings. They slightly missed EPS, but from what I remember had a good call. Today’s numbers were better, but I don’t know what guidance they gave. They opened slightly higher, but ran up $30 that Friday. That was December 10th and SPY was up around $4 that day. Will have this on my radar tomorrow.

$XLE morning update.
Good positive movement spurred by AH news and crude price.

We probably at a take profit point but I like it to 76 for close.

Taking WEAT 3/18 11c around $11.30 support. Others are playing 12c/13c

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$XLE broke through 74.5 resistance it’s been fighting.
Maybe my FDs wont earn me a dunce cap.

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$XLE looks like it will be gapping up 78 at open.

I will not be watching this during the day but I imagine that if it comes back down to 75.5-76, that looks like re-entry.

Checking in during lunch. $XLE $XOP energy ETFs on firesale


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VIX right at the uptrend support. Could see a spy dip soon if VIX bounces off of this. Thinking about entering SPY puts


Opened a small put position on JETS (airline etf) this morning. Oil still elevated, (30% of airline costs) Russian/Ukraine airspace restrictions, lower US discretionary spending due to inflation and lagging real wages.