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Making this thread for commentary and tracking of BBIG and its evolving run. While it’s no secret the community is bearish on BBIG’s fundamentals, there is a chance they could create a meaningful setup with the continued pump attempts, or in the more likely scenario, another opportunity for extremely profitable puts could be evolving. In either case, let’s discuss it here.

This post is a wiki, if someone wants to flesh out a better OP, feel free.


Looking at BBIG’s option chain, it looks as though we’re going to see a PROG style “roll” out of ITM strikes and into farther OTM. The majority of the OI volume has been concentrated on the 5 strike, however, we’ll often see these movements fail to hold the newly “acquired” strike later in the day and slightly reverse gamma as a result, locking that fresh OI OTM and generally killing the run. – In BBIG’s case, the movement isn’t purely fueled by options buying as the stock price itself is cheap enough to “pump” with shares, so this could provide some buoyancy to the movement, but I’m not really expecting it to make it much farther at this juncture.

The big failure point will be the jump from the 6 strike to the 7.5. These strike gaps (as we saw with PROG) really help to kill these movements time and time again.


I bought 2/18 2p last week and looking at doubling down at an even lower price. My goal in doing this is to allow time for this sentiment run to peter out before this drops back down to $2. But be careful on buying puts with short expiry. IV crush is real.


Coming back to this, it looks like BBIG is suffering from this roll today:

A mix of profit taking and buy volumes heading into OTM strikes may cause this one to drop.


Because BBIG seems to be a perennial pump and dump, had left some Leap buy orders in place. 2.00C EXP 01-20-23 filled for $1.00 today.

Setting sell order for $2, assuming that it hits the $3.5-$4 again sometime in the next 11 months.

BBIG is going through a quiet period, but one would imagine the bbig-heads will start getting restless again soon.

Stock is at $2.42, and IV has dropped a bit, so the 1/20/23 2C’s have fallen quite a bit in value. Went for $0.79 last.

Given the 10 month runway still, and the community that keeps bubbling up, I’m putting in some more limit buys at a lower price.


That is quite cheap for BBIG especially as it spikes to $3+ quite easily on pure sentiment.

Took a look at the #bbig channel in the legendary Bullish Raid Discord and it is still somewhat active, not too surprisingly. Here are some snippets for fun:




Haha… thanks for sharing!

The enthusiasm is waning for sure. Seeing Lomotif fall in its rankings should be shaking even some of the most devout followers. The TYDE thing should make for one more pump though.

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I got this email today. Surely there is someone smarter than I who can assess. I posted to tf earlier.

Thanks for flagging, looks like it’s just a notification that they have completed their purchase of Adrizer. Because this is something we knew about already, seems immaterial.

Vinco Ventures Completes Acquisition of AdRizer, an AI-Powered Revenue Attribution and Audience Acquisition Ad Platform

AdRizer to Power Advertising for Lomotif

FAIRPORT, NY., February 16th, 2022 — Vinco Ventures, Inc. (Nasdaq: BBIG) (“Vinco”) today announced it has completed the previously announced acquisition of AdRizer LLC (“AdRizer”), a provider of technology solutions that automate the use of artificial intelligence for digital advertising analytics and programmatic media buying, for consideration consisting of $38 million in cash paid at closing and up to 10 million shares of common stock of Vinco issuable on January 1, 2024. ZVV Media Partners, LLC (“ZVV”), a joint venture of Vinco and Zash Global Media and Entertainment Corporation (“ZASH”), and ZASH assigned their rights to acquire AdRizer to Vinco in connection with the transaction. As a result of the acquisition, AdRizer is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vinco.

If you get more of these, please do keep us posted!


What, exactly, is the TYDE catalyst that should pump this thing again? And do we have an idea of timeframe?

I’ve intentionally ignored this ticker but at these levels long terms calls are very enticing.

TYDE is a crypto miner that they are spinning off, and giving one share as a special dividend for every 20 shares of BBIG.

BBIG folks have been touting it as a major event because some no-name entity gave it a high valuation and they think the markets will recognize that. I doubt it, since otherwise, the market would have incorporated it into the price of BBIG shares already.

Folks have been expecting SEC clearance on this for months now, but nothings been happening.

Generally, BBIG is a interwoven set of sub-par companies that make for a half-decent narrative, and TYDE is one shaky leg of that. I would be surprised if it turned out to be material; mostly sentiment driver for now.

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BBIG is curling up again.

The cultists are restless because someone took a screenshot of something that has to do with TYDE. They are currently hyping themselves up into a state of higher excitement because they think “it” is finally, finally, happening.

The previous highs have been much lower than their previous highs though, so we might be able to squeak to $3 only on sentiment alone, in the absence of material news.

As noted earlier, still have half the 1/20/2023 2Cs set with a limit sell of $2; will ride the rest.

Reference: Price history of the 1/20/2023 2C chain.


I can’t find any significant news, but we just broke over $3 in PM (+22%). I’ll be looking to close out all of my April 2.5c at open.


Well, it’s touched that downward sloping trendline a few times already and is riding along it right now.

Seeing a few Reddit pumpers picking it up, so it’s time, albeit brief, might be coming soon.

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BBIG reported Q42021 and 2021 results today, and seems to not have impressed Mr. market.

It’s the usual gobbledygook that leaves enough for the followers to find breadcrumbs within and get excited about when they “connect the dots,” but nothing substantially different from what is already known.

Perhaps one of the largest breadcrumbs is that one of the subsidiary products, Cryptyde, is expected to spinoff during Q2. .

They have been promising this for months now, so not something one should hold one’s breath for. Nevertheless, true believers are of the opinion that this will cause BBIG’s own version of MOASS because naked shorts will allegedly meet their maker when they cannot conjure up Cryptyde shares that are being given out as dividends. We know how these predictions have played out so far, but that has not prevented sentiment-based price spikes from not happening.

I therefore still expect BBIG to spike again sometime in Q2 sufficient fervor is mustered. And am therefore holding on to the Dec calls.


Cryptide spin off record date announced to be EOD May 18th. Looking at puts. It’s currently up 35% in AH.


Someone will probably have bullish sentiment towards BBIG - there’s usually always a few. They came up towards the end of January and I went down a rabbit hole for a few hours and researched their actual “products”. I don’t think anyone can objectively read about their past business decisions and have a positive opinion about their future.

BBIG - Bullish on bullshit baby! - #17 by Iloveyou

That doesn’t mean it can’t still have a bit of a pop from sentiment of course, but with registrations being open again I figured it was worthy of a repost. I imagine that retail sentiment will cause share buying activity in the immediate short-term, but retail’s attention is short and if tomorrow is a red day for the market it’ll affect everything.

Please don’t ever forget BBIG is a shit company that isn’t worth a dime. And now they are giving all shareholders a dividend of all their assets that are not complete shit. This means the only thing BBIG will hold when the distribution date occurs is, you guessed it, shit.

Looking to buy puts for June 2022 and July 2022 tomorrow.


This is absolutely 100% a sentiment play. The underlying main company BBIG and all its adjacent entities - Cryptyde, Lomotif etc. are money-losing entities that were a few years late to the market, a few 10’s of million customers short, and and are knock-offs of better products on the shelf.

But because they are wrapped in a Russian doll formation of holding companies and other BS, it’s seen as some kind of genius 19-D play where this Cryptyde dividend is supposed to decimate shorts and mint millionaires in the process. They have a rabid following. At par with GME and AMC, completely convinced of their role as a movement to take down evil market participants, and possibly mini-MOASS and whatever. Here’s the Reddit sub for them: - already getting entertaining.

This likely means that this stock will be pumped and rinsed a few times between now and May 27. Like PROG, ESSC, MULN, ATER, and all the other ones (None of these are 1 to 1 comparisons, just a general note on similar plays that float on hot air.) Probably not a play for the faint of heart as more sophisticated market participants will take BBIG enthusiasts to the cleaners repeatedly, but there is the chance to make good money from this over the next two weeks.

Perhaps a learning opportunity for us as a community. Not just how to time the swings, but also to keep our emotions at bay, as this will very likely get emotional for folks who engage in this volatile play.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, @derfam - this will be fun!