Fertilizer Companies

I wanted to try and consolidate information on the fertilizer companies in a newer thread in order to make it more accessible going forward. There has been some great contributions from our community so far concerning our analysis of potential opportunities playing these companies.

Previous threads:

Thank you to everyone who has commented and added to these threads! There are other mentions of the fertilizer companies throughout the Ukraine Invasion thread( I think, that thing became a monster!) so please forgive me for not combing through that. Also, if I missed anyone’s comments elsewhere do not take that a being dismissive towards it! There’s been so much information compiled by our community in the last few weeks that it becomes difficult to be able to read it all!

If you have played these tickers please add you thoughts on support/resistance, bid/ask, intra-day and overnight movements.

Obviously we have seen these tickers make substantial bullish moves over the last month. Factors for this include supply and workforce disruptions from COVID, natural disasters (Hurricane Ida), the Ukraine War, surging global grain and oilseed prices, and as of 03/21/22 the report of a railroad worker strike in Canada.

These tickers have become captive of both the underlying production factors and the news cycle. On 03/09 there was a substantial sell-off because of the rumor of a peace deal, followed by a recovery a few days later after Russia announced export bans on potash. There is volatility so please try to identify support and resistance before you decide if you want to take a position in these companies.


Potash Tickers:

Nitrogen Tickers

If you play these I suggest having them near each other on a watch-list because they tend to follow each other; if you see divergence it may be an indication of entry and exits.

CF and NTR had been fighting the $100 resistance which they both held yesterday and AH/PM as of 03/22/22

IPI had a 20% bull run yesterday, you may want to see if it cools off a bit.

MOS seems like it has broken near-by resistance at $65, I have been playing this one the most and there seems to be a pretty decent floor at $56-58 (safest). Less safe would be $63-64.

Once again, please add your insight!


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