GGPI - Twinkle Twinkle Polestar

South Korea is loading up on reservations.

Does anyone else feel like GGPI gets great news and barely moves at all?


Yes, however the market have been trending down. There is to much noise at the moment. Im still bullish into the coming weeks/months unless something drastic happens!

Yeah, maybe if merger news comes out after all this noise, it will get things moving. Pretty nice entry here this low. I have a range of 10C, 12.5C, 15C between March and April and then large chunk of shares all around this price.

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Might move better on the news after the de-SPAC and ticker change.


Fingers crossed. It feels odd to me in the current atmosphere and more so before this month.

Im not sure why shorters would pilen in on this stock? Anyone with an theory?

I am still pretty new to this, so bare with me please. Gores appears to have an excellent track record with SPACs. Are successful mergers bullish or bearish? Do most SPACs drop post merger? Do shorts need to cover before the merger?

GGPI had a small sympathy run early on, but nothing since then. What other EV stocks haven’t run? Even $FSR, fisker, has had its day. Simply, could be uncertainty of no merger date announcement yet or that they are still produced in China. However, the news of the Polestar 3 being manufactured in North Caroline at the Volvo plant didn’t move the stock.

GGPI is expected to have $995M total cash on its balance after the merger expenses and the PIPE investors contribution. (If I understand that correctly). It’s not a start up like $RIVN or $LCID. Polestar has history. It’s already producing and hitting production goals. I believe the hype around Teslas is fading as more and more companies enter the EV space and it is only a matter of when will Elon step down from Tesla. Those loyal to Volvo will be interested in Polestar, so it has existing brand loyalty. It is already in 19 markets. Massive parent company in Volvo/Greely. The Polestar is also still eligible for the federal tax credit.

It does have a ways to go in batter tech and needs to solve some inefficiencies. Polestar 2 Vs Tesla Model 3: Devastating Efficiency Difference

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, who owns Volvo, also owns Lotus and Proton which stood out to me, has 6% market share in China and growing. Proton is growing again and is now the largest car exporter out of Malaysia. So it seems GGPI/PSNY is in good hands. Should Greely be looked at more in-depth? Again, could it being Chinese owned be a large issue?



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I saw this on fidelity just now.


It could also be that they just shorted it from 15$ when it hd its premarure run.

F-4/A form filed on January 31st. Was this just filed for further SEC review? I’m still learning to read these things.

There is a lockup statement mentioned earlier in the form in September about a 180 lockup, but I was able to find that there is another(?)180-day lockup, mentioned in December, for possibly more shares.

This may be obvious or silly to point out, but the board unanimously approved the merger with 20% of the vote. The percentage here is what I’m curious about, I guess. Are SPACs boards usually 20% or does it differ?

This filing seems like they are very close to setting a date. Which is projected to be this first quarter.

I’ll be reading this some more throughout the evening to learn more.


Interesting news article / review of a Polestar on Business Insider that was published this Sunday:

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I gotta say I’m iffy on this one. I actually visited a Polestar location the other day the Polestar 2 was not very impressive. It is essentially a copy of the Tesla Model Y, but less expensive, but more lacking. The backseats are pretty cramped. Polestar markets this as a crossover, but it’s more like a tall sedan.

There is also a crapton of competition coming in the EV space that Polestar, Lucid, and Rivian will need to compete with. Most noteable, the Korean manufacturers Kia and Hyundai have some really nice competitors coming out that will be priced similarly and IMO are better than the Polestar 2.

Closed out my Feb 10c right here. After weeks of it being relatively flat, I’m glad to exit with profit. May re enter with March calls if it comes back to the floor again.

Some larger activity posted in the 13F filings from today. Someone/group purchased 3.1M shares.

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Through the dark pool,

I believe

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Lots of chatter about Polestar debuting a super bowl ad. Here is the trailer “No Clichés” Big Game Teaser | Polestar - YouTube
I’m expecting a jump in GGPI tomorrow as more people will most likely fomo into it.
Current have 215 calls at 12.5 stikes expiring next week. Bought them at $0.32 but i still think i’ll make a good profit one em. Expecting a surge of SPY does well.

Spy isn’t doing well and calls are up 10%.
Thanks for this

This showed some strength today with spy and all the over EVs tanking.

This is the official super bowl commercial, looks like they sending shots towards Elon and Tesla