GME... shortsqueeze candidate?

Alright friends…I know this is a controversial ticker but we need to have the talk.

Full disclosure, I have DRS 48 shares and I’m also holding xxxx in my brokerage. I am also selling covered calls so as retarded as I may be, I’m not THAT retarded.

I do believe there is fuckery going on, I do believe fundamentally in the company, but I don’t think we’re going to $69,000,000.

Anyways… there’s this TA on superstonk that I want to share and would love feedback from you smarter folk. I’m linking the three videos here.

Besides TA, another ‘theory’ is they are shorting gme through the XRT ETF. It barely holds much GME but that shit is shorted to oblivion.

Have at it team…


GME runs prior to earnings. Simple as that.



Anybody get in on the AM dip?

They’ve been drawing these charts for the past year. It always runs up prior to earnings followed by a sell off after. Rinse and repeat.


Since it seems to be common knowledge that GME runs up for earning and then crashes after, it might be a good cantidate for the 3 parts earning strategy play. IE Calls on the way up and puts after earning. Anybody looked into this yet?


I like how the live chart contradicts his take on this right away. Like…live.

Do they even check the MACD at least? Unless another Roaring Kitty helps this hype, I don’t see it going back up over the MACD histogram anytime soon.
It will take a lot.

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Also they are just following SPY sooooo.

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Thank you…I wanted an experts eyes on this to shred it apart.


As mentioned above it always runs uo to earnings and then drops. I played their 2nd qtr earnings last year with shares but held a bit too long & missed my sell window and the stock started tanking after…so I just held until 3rd Qtr earnings run up and sold for a nice gains.


Didn’t follow spy as close today… Just the run up to earnings then?

Yes, bud. This is the new trend towards ER.
Play it if you want, but don’t hold through the report, IV crush and all.


Okie Dokie. Tinfoil (Dunce cap) hat on. I’ve found the DD that best explains the multiple bull cycles we’ve seen since the Jan 2021 Gamma + short squeeze.

I’m bringing this up as the next run-up date is February 22nd. (Next Tuesday). …yea yea yea I know it’s another date.,…

The replies above simply attribute the current price action to the earnings run-ups. Not sure about this given next earnings is sometime in March (?). Not sure if run can be defined as an ER run-up given the time to. Also see the previous ER’s and respective run-ups (or lack thereof) below.

Disclaimer: I say best explains, but I just barely understand it lol. I’m a bit of a smooth brain myself and don’t have a position in this yet… The exact days predicted thus far have been pretty accurate. So if anything, just watch it and see how it plays out. Also note: Not sure how this will play out given current market conditions.

DD links (Web archive - 15th November)
$GME & Evidence of predictable cycles - GME Explained Part #1
$GME & Evidence of predictable cycles - GME Explained Part #2

Extracts from the DD (Only presenting those relating to (1). Best to read it in full).


(1) Why do memestonks runup every 90 days?


(2) Finding the Month of a GME cycle


(3) Finding the EXACT Day of a GME runup Cycle


(4) Previous Run-ups

Gherkinit (superstonk contributer) along with others have also discovered this cycle and has a Tradingview community script for this. The yellow bars are the days predicted as per above.

Gherkinit’s DD is referenced in the DD linked above. Read into it to understand meaning behind the other bars. This is an alternative to the original DD linked.

I’m only interested in the main spike run-up days… Looks pretty interesting right?

The Reddit account has since been deleted.

Friday is upon us. I might grab one call. We’ll see.

Price action after the main run-up day

Note: Chart from DD linked, not Gherkinit’s one.

I’d recommend reading the DD linked to better understand this.



:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

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How is the thesis looking today?

I’m not sure which specific thesis you are referring to…however I loaded up on some march 4 calls in the morning dip and I would consider doing it again but maybe further out if I see another dip.

Here is an update from the boom hunter guy (initial videos are in the beginning).

Obviously with the fear of the war, who knows how this plays.

Welp. Time to move the goal posts.

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For any closet GME lovers, this guy is a fun follow…

He’s no @rexxxar but he’s made me some money.

I’m just going to leave this here as well…

I promise this will be my last GME post…for some time.

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It was announced yesterday that earnings call will be on 3/17…I believe they moved it up a week from 3/24. Possibly why it’s green for the day.

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