I will try to do this for once - I need the record of my degeneracy

So I have blown up the account again, again… time to record some of my idiocy, at least I have $3k a year tax write offs for life now…
I will try and update this, but only for the one account (robinhood) where I’m playing with long spreads/butterflies. I may start posting daily or on other accounts as I get myself together more and business slows down into the winter.

RH Atm -
account value $515
3 sqqq 12/30/22 46/49/51 butterflies
3 spy 12/30/22 420/426/430 butterflies
1 spy 12/30/22 422 call
-2 spy 12/30/22 426 calls
2 spy 12/30/22 430 calls
1 spy 12/30/22 431 call
$80 cash

I plan on working on selling more options with this account and try to slowly grow it while experimenting with butterflies still(so far I like to enter with a broken butterfly then sell credit spreads against the middle or leading strike so I don’t need the collateral in cash)
If I follow through with this journal maybe I’ll start adding in the other accounts and trying to call out my entries on discord.
I do trade while working - I run a business, so it’s been hard for me to dual focus, much less keep a record, so this will be a good step for me while I work on new broker that records my trades and gives me more info to use to improve.
The past month or so I have been relearning TA, focusing on price action and different indicators.
Weaned off heikin-ashi, cut off then brought back macd, kept adx for trend with macd, added stoch as fast indicator and using multiple ma’s. Of course - most importantly, I’m working on cutting losing trades quickly while scalping which is still my biggest issue IMO
I’m working on a new broker with degenerate margin requirements for futures and much lower fees along with the most important features - data on my trades and backtesting. As I strive to improve my scalping I will also work on my swinging.


Looking forward to following. :pepepray:

Highly suggest using the callout commands as they provide an easy way to follow what you’re doing and help add accountability since people can see your moves.


+3 spy 426c 12/30
-3 spy 420c 12/30
.51 each = $153 cash

current positions on spy (all 12/30)
-1 431c
+1 430c
-1 426c
+1 422c

cash 192.21
Account $490.00

open order for 1/6/23 sqqq debit 49/50c spread at .3 - 2 of them, may not fill, just covering my 2 of my short 12/30 49c, if I can get a good fill ($1 max profit for $.3 is over 3 to1 and good enough for me to try for it)

I have some time - it’s slow… and I haven’t traded much so here’s my futes trades today. I probably won’t do this much until I get really situated and possibly start with call outs for these(maybe I usually trade a lot more than this)
I was not actively managing these much, buy in and set stop, then move stop further into profit zone if it goes in my favor.
Goal is to capture 10 positive points per day before getting new account live and moving up to ES
MES - @ $3,951.50 - Sell 1 Dec 22 Future (/MESZ2) @ 3951.5 Stop
MES - @ $3,955.00 - Buy 1 Dec 22 Future (/MESZ2) @ Market
MES - @ $3,948.25 - Buy 1 Dec 22 Future (/MESZ2) @ 3948.25 Stop
MES - @ $3,964.25 - Sell 1 Dec 22 Future (/MESZ2) @ Market
MES - @ $3,972.75 - Buy 1 Dec 22 Future (/MESZ2) @ 3972.75 Stop
MES - @ $3,969.75 - Sell 1 Dec 22 Future (/MESZ2) @ Market

1 uvxy 3/17/23 9/18c debit 1.0 - Volatility can’t stay this low through march. 1 to 9 risk/reward

-1 12/30 430/435c credit spread .15
Account $490 $230.20 cash
I also have open order for 2 sqqq 12/2 51/51.5c credit spreads for .2 that probably won’t fill

Spy 406/405 12/2 debit spread .42 fill. A little over 2 to 1 risk/reward
Account $430 $108 cash

2x 12/9 sqqq 45/46c debit .2
Account at $427 $68 cash

3/17/23 4050p mes $800 Might not be the perfect time to enter, but it’s for March.

I got 1 new broker up - es order flow I cut off under 20size, it’s amazing to see the buys and realize it’s $50/point per contract. I thought I was a degenerate… now I want to be like them. Just sharing because I thought it was interesting. I have not done any es trades yet, waiting for Monday and a clear trend.

Should’ve closed it earlier, forgot about 3pm rh bs and got a little distracted, 406/405p spread auto closed .26 (buy was .42 was at .7-8 earlier)

Was busy today, no changes today - sqqq spreads(45/46 12/9) is at $.34 each but I’ll hold and recheck tomorrow.
RH at $465 (was $385 pre market)
MES put (3/23 4050p) is at $940 ($806.25 cost)
I have both other accounts live, will start trading es on the $500 intraday margin requirement one when I can focus, other is $1200 or so but I only funded it with $1k will try micros with it first.

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Sqqq spreads up(45/46 12/9) - I have a limit sell order at .8 set probably won’t get filled today.
no new positions on rh account - at $553 atm $94 cash
MES 3/23 4050p at 207.88 - $1035
dipping my toes into the es account - still gunshy and a bit busy - only $50(1 point) today so far

Still gunshy, plus I won’t post this much, but this is today’s es scalps. I am extremely happy I can see my trades on a graph for review and I’ll get my balls back as I grow this account up a bit (still only $1200)
RH sqqq spread is itm, but still at .6 or so, trying to get that .8 fill

Still can’t get a fill on the 12/9 sqqq 45/46 debbit spread at .8 - current price is .7 hopefully tomorrow.
current RH balance $603 $94 in cash.
Scalped some more es today - getting back to it, a little over 5 points today.

ES trades today - quick in/outs in between work

RH at 528, still have the sqqq 45/46 for tomorrow, hope sqqq goes up over $46 but we’ll see - it’s only 2.
Got sloppy and tried to quick trade the chop today and got bit for 10 points and closed down early for the day. The MES 3/23 is at 220(161.25 cost) trying to resist closing it and hold for a while, but if this is really the beginning of santa rally may close it next week.
May not trade tomorrow, Fridays are hectic, but if we get a clear trend I may try to claw back that 10 point loss at least.

I actually got a chance to log in and trade at open… but I should’ve stayed away. 3 puts - worthless 1 hedge call - worthless, closed the 3/23 at 200 (about $200 gain), still have rh sqqq put spread to close order open, will just close it at 1pm or so.
Guess I have to learn to accept the bullishness until cpi and fomc, or do nothing but scalp the tick chart and give up on swinging entirely or just follow others callouts which really does nothing for me long term. I’m done trading for the day - busy day at work. Good luck all and be careful out there my felow bears

Update for the day: mitigated some damage after lunch by scalping some 0dte put es options, still red for the day but less bought a 3970p for Monday(at 21.5) as a revenge trade too. RH closed out 45/46 sqqq spreads at .5 each. - balance $516 - $195 in cash. I better make some cash next week or I’m getting everyone fake coal… already bought the engagement ring for Christmas so I guess that’s processed coal already bought?

Edit again - closed the 3970p for 40 - ended day pretty much even across all accounts, have one lotto 3850p for Monday still but expect it to expire worthless. I’d expect a red Monday but who knows these days so I’ll reassess and start fresh Monday whenever I wake up.


Interesting articles:
BlackRock says throw out your old investment playbook, we’re headed for a ‘new regime of greater macro and market volatility’ (msn.com)
The Dow industrials are on the verge of a ‘golden cross,’ even as BlackRock predicts recession like no other (msn.com)
The ‘Armageddon scenario’ of Fed rate at 6.5% would be more benign than feared - JPM (msn.com)
My million plus dollar volume index scan:

Big march straddle at 3950.
Hope you all did well today see you Monday!


Didn’t do much today, bought 1 spy 12/16 404c for 2.79 and sold 1 spy 12/13 406c for .93, but not on rh. May take a loss on this if it tanks, but if we start santa rally and don’t run all the way up to 404 tomorrow it’ll work out well… maybe… I also bought a lotto mes 4000p in the am for 103 - it’s currently at 74.5. Was busy today and did not pay attention to it…

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