Leaps on Charge Point

Update: Looking at the Weekly candles…

CHPT is looking really bullish here.
In fact it’s one of the few that’s been beating the market despite broad dire news since February.
I am expecting big resistance at 20, and possible pullback if it gets rejected hard at that line.

Marked with the vertical orange line is the opex for my 3-legged bull spread.
Once I close that, I’ll start accumulating call leaps.

I shared my EV leaps watchlist on TF some time ago, and I’m slowly building up positions on them.

Charge Point imho has a good chance of making a strong comeback regarding its stock price…

I’m looking at 26.75 and 28.78 as the High Prices to Beat.

For me, the best strike is 18.
Looking for 100% return, and possibly a high 500% (with pure luck of course).

Will look to flesh out this thread at a later date.

All my leaps are 2023 OpEx, except for AUR.
With this kind of bearish market, I’ll be exiting my position when I see good profit (75-100%).
My stop loss limits are always -30%.


Just out of curiosity, what made you choose charge point over the other EV charging companies like: Volta, Blink, EVgo???

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I know they have the most chargers right now in the U.S and they have Mitch Mcconells wife on the board. Considering EV charging companies will be reliant on Build back better for accelerated adoption , I would suggest grooming through their staff and board members for connections / lobbyists

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Heya TMB, I’m following EVGO and BLNK as well, and might start a position with EVGO soon.

I chose to prioritize CHPT because of the strength I see in the chart, and that it’s less volatile (bigger float) than EVGO. CHPT’s price range is clearer to me, atm.
Fundamentally, I like that most people I talk to mention Charge Point as one of the vendors they’re either already using or testing.

BLNK hasn’t set a new trading range yet, since falling from $49.

I’ll be treating each as separate posts with Leaps, despite them being all EV chargers.
PLUG is another one I’m looking at, although it’s hydro.


Two companies that I worked for: BMW & Jaguar Land Rover push Chargepoint as a product. Also, I have seen a lot more charge point stations around my state than any other. Chargepoint has a decent app and is very user friendly. They also sell lvl 2 chargers for people to install at home.


Really good input, bud! Thanks.
That’s like 50% of the research right there. niyahaha

Let’s see if CHPT actually breaks out bullish from this descending trend…

I’ll be adding to my position here soon.

FYI big charge point dark pool activity a day or so ago


WSJ today. Could provide some catalyst for a move in the EV charging tickers

EV Charging Network Will Target Interstate Highways

Money approved by Congress for electric-vehicle chargers should first build out a network on high-use corridors, federal officials say

WASHINGTON—The $5 billion program to create a national network of electric-vehicle charging stations will give priority to interstate highways and fast chargers before expanding into remote rural and crowded urban areas, federal officials said.

On Thursday, Biden administration officials plan to roll out guidelines for states applying for federal funds to build the charging stations. The charging network is considered a key part of the administration’s plan to accelerate a transition to clean-energy vehicles.

Dotting the interstate-highway corridors with charging stations is considered a priority because it will give EV motorists confidence that they can take long-distance trips without trouble recharging, the officials said.

The roughly $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill approved by Congress last year included two pots of money for charging stations totaling $7.5 billion, which could start going out to states as early as September, according to federal officials.

The larger pot, $5 billion, is designated for high-use corridors that connect the entire country.

As part of the plans being released Thursday, the administration would grant $615 million to states in the first 12 months of that program—with the biggest allocations to Texas, California and Florida—using a formula that mirrors traditional federal highway grants to states.

The guidelines will stipulate that states should focus on interstates before building elsewhere.

Under the guidelines, the U.S. transportation secretary will certify plans that connect high-use corridors, mostly interstates. Many of the corridors are already set by the federal government, but in their grant requests states can ask for approval to adjust or expand them.

Stations will have to be installed every 50 miles, no more than one mile off the interstate, according to a guidance memo by the Federal Highway Administration. And stations will have to have at least 600 kilowatts of total capacity, with ports for at least four cars that can simultaneously deliver at least 150 kilowatts each.

The stations also have to be accessible to the general public, or to fleet operators from more than one company. The locations can include privately owned parking lots if they are open to the general public.

Administration officials said their goal is to accommodate a public that wants recharging stations to be just as easy to access as gas stations for traditional cars. That led them to focus on highway-side locales that would serve drivers using cars and trucks for long family trips, vacations or transporting goods, and stations that could recharge cars quickly.

In its memo, the highway administration said it expects most states to contract with private-sector entities to install and operate the stations. The federal money can support only 80% of the cost of these stations, the memo said.

The Transportation and Energy departments, which are jointly implementing the charging-station programs, said they will announce the rules for the other $2.5 billion in funding later this year.

That pot of money will fund two other discretionary grant programs that can go to any state to further fill in gaps and cover high-demand areas in the nationwide system, and to support disadvantaged communities, especially rural areas, that are underserved or overburdened.


Thanks for the update, bud!

Curious why you think there’s a good chance for this go back to $20+. Do they get reoccurring revenue from charging stations outfitted? It seems like consumer buy the products once and that’s that. I’m not that knowledgeable on this company but would love to learn more about the bull case here.

I mainly trade on TA and Market Sentiment.
Both point to that possibility.

rexxxar your DD is always well done and I’ve made some good money off it, thank you!!! Was digging into this one a bit more tonight and this caught my eye as well. Something to keep an eye on that might add to this play if this position starts to turn on them? I haven’t started a position yet but plan to do so in the next few days once spy finds a bottom.

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Glad to be of help, bud.
I don’t even look at the SI for my leaps anymore. Once my target profit is met, I exit.
Good to check from time to time, though, yeah.

Took profits today on my LEAPS with this nice pop.

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I’m curious why you picked CHPT as an optimal ticker for EV charging. DCFC (Tritium) was named by the White House. They were invited on live TV to speak on EV charging and were named by Biden as one of the companies that will be receiving the billion dollar infrastructure bill. Moreover, they entered a partnership with Shell at the end of last year. From what I see, the stock itself has found support at its current price and has a lot of upside.

Didn’t even know about DCFC until I read your post. I trade mainly on TA, then check fundamentals against what I see on the charts and options chains, sentiment is also good on CHPT.
CHPT has one of the most appealing setups atm. My process has been profitable so far, unless I make really stupid emotional entries like popcorn.
I’ll read DCFC. Thanks.

Q4 ER already set, btw:

Can confirm Toyota will be using CHPT as partner for dealers/customers

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ChargePoint Weekly candles have 2 bullish bars…

Also confirmed that Double Bottom.
MACD indicator may cross upwards.
RSI is finally showing bullish strength here.

While CHPT is one of the few tickers that’s beating the market this past week, I will still opt for a much safe strategy.
It can retrace back down under $13.

Price to beat remains at $18 and even higher at 28.78.
I’m not expecting anything drastic soon, but with its small float, ChargePoint can easily be a volatile upside play.

I chose to go with this Call Ratio Backspread strat…

This is only to validate the strat, hence the short time frame.
I choose to monitor the news a bit further (1-2months) before piling on my leaps.


IMHO, it’s only a matter of time until CHPT breaks this resistance of 17.60…

It might then try for 22.50 before dropping back down a bit.
Let’s see how it moves from here.