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Dunno entered oxy calls but will probably sell if it decides to go up. Chevron had a good year from their earnings on the 2nd

Not reading these but perspective for the timeline. Ukraine war started in February 2022?imageimage

<@903343207323148349> what’s the lowest natural gas futures sold for in the last 5 years


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Think I might start shorting this. Don’t see UNG spiking until maybe July when summer heat starts. Unless something happens this is probably going to be a slow bleed.

A significant reduction in the number of active wells could be a catalyst for a nice rebound before continuing down. Keep an eye on it. Data out every Friday at 1pm EST

I’m currently up about 36% on my puts. Probably wait until Thursday and then sell them. Maybe get in again on Friday after numbers come out.

Almost back to covid lows, gonna short into KOLD around April onwards when I see a double bottom

as earnings come out companies release their information. AR a stock I wanted to follow but got side tracked. disclaimer this company goes for oil and gets natural gas in the process. " Overall Production
Total production through the fourth quarter was 315 billion cubic feet equivalent (Bcfe), up 6% from the 297 Bcfe recorded a year ago. The reported figure is slightly below our estimate of 321 Bcfe.

Natural gas production (accounting for 67% of the total production) was 210 Bcf, up 7% from the 196 Bcf recorded a year ago and higher than our estimate of 205 Bcf.

Oil production in the quarter amounted to 1,154 thousand barrels (MBbls), up 46% from the 790 MBbls registered in the year-ago period.

AR reported production of 5,406 MBbls of C2 Ethane, down 6% from the 5,778 MBbls recorded a year ago. Our estimate for the same was pinned at 6,047 MBbls.

The company’s production of 10,918 MBbls of C3+ NGLs was 7% higher than the 10,170 MBbls reported in the year-ago period. The figure also surpassed our estimate of 10,853 MBbls.

Realized Prices (Excluding Derivative Settlements)

The company’s oil price realization in the quarter was $64.77 per barrel (Bbl), down 9% from $71.08 registered a year ago. The figure was also lower than our estimate of $66.31 per Bbl.

The realized price for C3+ NGLs declined to $37.72 per Bbl from $39.88 reported a year ago and also lagged our estimate of $39.35 per Bbl.

so in short their contract hedges have been winding down and they will at some point be selling natural gas at the market price of that time. If their contracts expired today then they would have to sell for 1.612

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