New idea about profit channel/forum

I fully agree with removing the profit channel. It could have been promoting yolos instead of following our spirit about taking profits.

Instead Im thinking about a place to show & talk about long term gains during our stay here in Valhalla. To see the results of others brings happiness and meaningful discussions about taking profits in a responsible way.

Maybe aswell a place for people that struggle. Ive read alot of encouragement and wise words in profit channel when people had a bad time

I’m wondering if making a Profit & Loss category here on the forum isn’t a decent solution. Would allow for commentary on a specific entry that doesn’t take away from the entries of others and we could use the solved functionality or ticket system that the forum has to handle making sure role assignments are handled.

AYYY I like this idea. After I made that suggestion last week I was like aw shit these mfs gonna take away profits channel completely RIP toys.
Is there any merit to saying something along to lines of only post once it has been a week (or some other amount of time that makes more sense to somebody more knowledgeable than myself) since you closed out the position?
Or maybe you make it a recap of sorts. Somewhere for people to say “this what I thought this what i did this how it worked” Could be good practice for newer people maybe? idk ya boy just spitballin here.

Yeah I think forum is a bettet place. More of a permanent place rather than flooded channels on discord.

Seeing people make money, their inputs about entry/exits is helpful.
Same goes for mistakes when people can help eachother.

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I had brought this up on trading floor, but it could be working into Member Journals / Trading journals. So you could follow someone’s trading journey not just one post here or there out of context.

Similar thing always worked well on car forums.

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