Psychology 1: The Weak have Strong Hands

One of the most prominent developments of the GME craze was the notion of “diamond hands” being a show a strength. Retail convinced itself that in order to be strong you had to hold. If you sold, you were weak. Anyone who took profit was shunned by the trading community at large and the movement likely was even responsible for “DFV” himself publicly showing how he was “not selling” to appease the masses.

The irony here is that in reality, it’s the exact opposite. When we trade stocks, we’re watching money be created before our eyes. It’s really incredible when you think about how when you click a button, you immediately have acquired whatever amount of money is shown. Such a simple process to obtain one of the most important resources in existence. It’s exhilarating when the numbers start running up and depending on the play it can almost feel like you are the master of your own destiny, like you can have whatever amount of money you’d like, you just have to say “when”.

It takes no effort to “hold on” and live in that moment of euphoria. It takes incredible effort to say “when” and accept what “is” over what “could be”. Strong hands are evidence of a weak mind.

One of the most common things I see traders struggle with is selling. There’s two stages to it:

  1. “I don’t want to miss out on potential gains, so I’m holding.”
  2. “I just want to get back to what it was worth at “this point”, so I’m holding.”

As a stock is running, we’re continually settings value points in our heads. “Alright, I’m up 5K… 5.5K….”, etc. Our sell point is “moon”, the unknown. We get attached to those numbers and when we’ve missed a peak, we set those numbers as our “sell point” and hold hoping to now “just get back to that”… and we’ll lose more doing so. Before every “squeeze”, I say the same thing:

It’s going to start running and you’ll get to a point where you’ll think to yourself, “There is no way this can go any higher” and 99% of the time you’re right and should sell.

The reason I say this is because in every large gain play I’ve ever had, if I had sold the moment I got “the thought”, I would’ve made damn near the most money I could’ve made in the play. Any time I’ve ignored that thought, I’ve ended up selling for far less.

One of those most important things to learn in trading is that accepting victory is a show of strength. Our community cheers profit taking because it’s the only thing that truly matters. It’s why we’re here. If you’re not taking profit, you’re accepting loss… and I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds awfully weak to me.

In order to help “respect the thought”, research “compounding gains” to see what focusing on smaller percentage gains can do for you even in a small amount of time with a small amount of capital. The lower “average” percentage gain on plays in this server is 10% per play with multiple plays per day. Learning to cut at even modest percentages daily compounds into substantial gains in the short term:

Calculator #1 (More configurable): HERE

  1. Put the amount you use per trade in principal amount.
  2. Interest is the % gains you’re targeting
  3. Don’t include weekends (obviously)
  4. Timeframe is self explanatory
  5. 100% reinvestment
  6. I would suggest not “adding” additional money just to see what you can do on gains alone.

Calculator #2 (Simpler): HERE

  1. Starting balance is amount you use per trade
  2. Set monthly contribution to 0
  3. Rate of return is amount of gains you’re targeting per month.

Next up: “The Unicorn fear”


this is a great insight. looking forward to more of these conq wisdoms


Thank you for taking the time to write this @Conqueror . It is eerie how accurate you hit the nail on the head. Fortunes will be made because you preach growth even more than taking profit. After reading this, a quote came to mind…

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

— Heraclitus

The community has grown by many #s since IRNT. I see we have many real fighters in our ranks and lucky to have more than one warrior. Many of us found Valhalla either by accident, through an invite, or on a whim. You accept the people that shouldn’t be here and the ones like me the “targets” as equals. I hope one day to be a “real fighter” and help others make their marks someday.



This right here is something everyone on this discord/forum needs to read. I was one of those admittedly who had bought $AMC at $9.90 and had 750 shares. Didnt sell during the june run up because " wen moon" and saw my account go initially from $7k, my life savings at that point, to 60-70k and not selling because “wen moon”. Exited my positions at half that and am happy now and can thank this server for helping me with changing my mindset. Cant dwell on the what you could have gotten and be happy with the profits that you do have. Looking forward to “The Unicorn fear”


Great post. On the vast majority of my plays that ended in losses, I was up big at some point and didn’t have the fortitude to sell because greed took over. On virtually every play I made money on, I sold before the peak. Sure it stings a bit “I could’ve made $__ more if I didn’t sell early”, but everyone is better off selling early at a profit than hanging on to realize a loss.


Great post. Learnt this the hard way from GME. The biggest mistake is thinking “I need to get rich off this one play alone”. There’s always another play. Its the skills and discipline you learn that allows you to keep the money you earn; otherwise you’ll always lose the money you don’t deserve.


It would probably be good for all of Valhalla to re-read this post and solidify this mindset going into next week. I’m glad I did.


Just reread this again, and it’s wild how simple and difficult it is. I didn’t lose as much as some people this week, but I certainly took a hit.

I had the “thought” when I was up a little over 500% on my total position. It wasn’t life-changing money, but it was a hell of a nice chunk of cash. I immediately brushed that thought away with “we haven’t even begun to squeeze”.

Over the next few days I told myself a few times that if we hit that same point I’d sell some to keep my money safe. We never reached that point again.

The irony is I’m the first one telling people to take the cash on game shows instead of risking it all, but when it was me I did the same damn thing.

Take your money and run. Delete the ticker off your watch list.


I really appreciate insights like this because its honestly the hardest part of trading and something I struggle with myself as well from time to time. This blog was a “from the heart” one for me because I see most everyone succumbing to the same problem, over and over and it saddens me because its the only part we can’t help someone to do. At the end of the day, no matter how many times we say “take profit” or “cover cost basis”, we can’t actually make anyone do it, which makes you feel even more powerless when you see it being the step that hurts everyone.

Especially in light of ESSC this is a read that as @glickopherz suggested, everyone should probably look over and reflect upon.


You’re :100: correct. I believe that there are some things you learn in life the hard way. Like a Stubborn teenager.

No matter how many times your parents tell you to do/ don’t do something, you have take a few shots from the world.

Since joining this group I have been up big on numerous plays and just let it drift away. I’ve been on every voice chat and I simply didn’t listen.

Each time I have made better decisions and ESSC part two brought me back to even for a fresh start. I’ve learned a lot about trading. Ways to prevent losses and more importantly the feeling of letting it drift away. I hate that. As I’m sure everyone does.

I’m slowly realizing that there is ALOT of big plays that are not even server wide plays and there is absolutely for a new trader like myself to chase more money if I’m up 20-50% on play.

In this group with the forums, it will compound.

I know the losses upset you and the other mods, I’ve been one of the losers quite a bit on the bankroll but in learning I’m winning and it will pay off. You can’t control our bankrolls but you can control the information we take in, and that information/advice is too notch!


this is really great. wish i would have read this sooner.